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Dear IWAB readers,
Welcome to Global Session Live, I am Aquinas Cosmas. Today, I want to share with you something very beautiful and insightful. It is THE MAN, HIS PRESENCE AND HIS INFLUENCE. These will run in nuggets. Follow and enjoy


The Nuggets
1. God’s original plan was to reproduce himself in the fashion of man.
2. The quality of your person is a function of the beauty of your heart and the training your spirit has received.
3. There is no you without Character. So it matters what kind of Character you are bearing.
4. A man whose person has no influence has issue with the quality of his presence.

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Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to Celebrity Spotlight on influence, I am Nina Cole. From Nigeria to the rest of the world, I bring you the amazing Story of 3 super women in the African Media Industry; the Iconic Hosts of one of most valuable TV show in today’s events ‘Amazon Show’. This is compiled and captured by:

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‘The Amazons’ is an evening chat-fest on AIT, anchored by a team of three dynamic women of different ages, experiences and backgrounds; discussing family issues and the most exciting events of the day. Aisha Falode, veteran broadcaster, along with light hearted and recognisable actress, Bimbo Akintola and Dolapo Awosika, a lawyer, make up the trio. They take on issues that people generally don’t like to discuss in our society. ‘The Amazons’ is a platform to talk about anything and everything.

In each show, they are joined by experts in the field of discourse and celebrity guests who share their views on different topics. With comedy in bits by Bimbo, the show also comes as one of the funniest, freshest talk show on TV today.


Aisha Folade
Famously known as the only female voice and presenter of ‘Sports File’, the Saturday sports show on AIT during which issues on sports are discussed intelligently, ace sports broadcaster, Aisha Falode, currently serves as host and executive producer of ‘The Amazons’.

What happened to ‘Sports File’?

‘Sports File’ is still on but we have younger people presenting it now. We are giving the younger generation opportunity to express themselves and the platform to also be heard and do what we were doing with ‘Sports File’. It was aired every Saturday and ‘Sports File’ was a reference point for sports. Issues were discussed very intelligently and professionally. We proffered solutions and also pointed out the way forward for sports. It was good while it lasted.

How did you begin to report sports? Where did it all start?

It started while I was in school. I was very active in my younger days. I had to channel that energy into positive goals. After primary school, I attended the Teachers Training College for five years. We were taught how to be teachers from the basics. It was not like those who had done their school certificate exams coming to get a one-year course to get the certificate to be teachers.

Right from the foundation, I knew I wasn’t going to be a teacher anyway. I knew I was going to end up doing what I am doing now but I didn’t know I was going to be a professional athlete at the same time. I knew I was going to be within the sporting family. After the teachers training college, I also had three years’ training for the National Certificate in Education in Abraka, Delta State. So, I was really trained to be a teacher.

Since I knew that I wasn’t going to be a teacher after the training college programme, I had to refocus my direction towards sports but not as a professional athlete. Through the University of Lagos, I got a first degree in Physical Education and also a post-graduate diploma in Mass Communication; knowing that I would be within the sporting family, not as a professional athlete but with background knowledge of an athlete and here I am.
After my first degree, I worked as a graduate telephone operator in the defunct NITEL; the first set of graduates they had in the then NITEL. Then, I was schooling and working. I was doing my post-graduate programme and working.

After my post-graduate diploma, I worked at Ray Power FM until they established AIT’s 24-hour broadcast, the first in the nation. That was when I moved to AIT. Then, we were referred to as green horns in the field of knowledge and I quite enjoyed going to cover sports events on the sports desk.

You have a special interest in football. Why is that?
Football is a game that is enjoyed by all. It has mass appeal. Also because I loved hockey. Football has the same rules with hockey. So, I transferred that love to football. I was very good in hockey and I enjoyed it a lot.

Talking about football, what is the state of female football in the country now? How come it’s not supported like men’s football?

We have always dominated Africa in women’s football; except for the past two years when we were not able to retain the women’s championship title which is like Africa’s Nations Cup for men.

We have a very strong pedigree in women’s football. It is for us to support women’s football like we support men’s football. Our female team has gone to the World Cup since 1991 when they started but the Super Eagles never got to the World Cup until 1994 while the women have always been to every World Cup.

But why have we never won the World Cup? What would you say is wrong? Is it a coaching problem?

It is the problem of support that I talked about; given the exposure and support we give the men. Give them a level playing field like we give the men. Give them the motivation. Let them go on a playing tour; let them enjoy what the men are enjoying.

But in the midst of all these things not being available, they still play from their hearts. And I know, once they start getting the same support, reward, motivation and recognition that the men have, the sky will not just be the beginning for the women.

Is the NFF presidency exclusively for men? Why haven’t we had a female NFF president?

It is not exclusively for men but it is about numbers. It is like what is happening in the political terrain of Nigeria today. You will ask why we haven’t had a female president or governor. It is all in the numbers. I know that we have the competence, we have the wherewithal. We just need to also begin to play the politics. Without the numbers, we really cannot play the politics but one day, we will get there.

Whose idea was ‘The Amazons’?

It was basically my idea. We know, as women, there are so many things we don’t want to talk about. We are too secretive. We are not open. We hold back a lot. We have things that we really want to discuss.

We can sit down as a group of friends and begin to talk about these issues. But we do not want to talk about them outside, where other women can draw strength and inspiration and also deal with the issues they are dealing with from the open discussions.

I also got the idea from the fact we have shows in England where women can talk about anything; they are not restricted.

So I thought about it. We have so many issues that we are dealing with as women; in relationships, in dealing with children, with parenting, dealing with adolescent children. We have problems that we deal with on daily basis. And, it is also a responsibility for us, women, to proffer solutions to these issues. At least, if we cannot proffer solutions, we should talk about them and people can begin to get different ideas from whatever it is that we talked about.

It is not about one woman and a guest discussing. These three women have different experiences. We also have professionals in the fields that we engage in discussion. We also go outside to get the thoughts of others. So, it is a robust discussion. It is not limited. It is not fragile. It is animated on set, if you have watched an edition before. And, that is also where we got the name from. They are women. They do not hold back anything. They are warriors. They are the amazons. That is how we started and, thank God, we are here today.

How did you get together with Bimbo and Dolapo?

I discussed it with somebody. Because I have always been in the field of sports, I wanted those in the entertainment industry. And, they said they had someone who would fit into the character that I wanted. Bimbo Akintola, we all know her.

Bimbo could be crazy but she is highly intelligent and she is also very, very professional. And we have Dolapo who believes in the rights of women because of her Law background. She has worked back stage for television abroad. So, she is bringing the experience from abroad to Nigeria and on set, we have educative discussions.

What is the reception like for ‘The Amazon’ show?

The response has been tremendous. People don’t criticize when we discuss. They only ask us to relate the issue in a particular way. There are issues that raise lot of feedback.

When we talked about violence against women, when we had to bring women NGOs to the programme, you can’t imagine the number of emails that we received and people who visited our Facebook page; sharing their different experiences with violence.

When we talked about how to complete the marriage, the response from that too was immense. It was a very busy period for our Facebook page. We are encouraged from the feedback and responses we get.

So, would you say that the show has met the purpose for which it was created?

I would say so. The only thing that we are not doing right now is really talking politics. The time is coming when we will really take on the politicians. For now, we want to take a back seat and look at women who are championing the cause of women. Elections are coming, we are watching. We are gathering our own information. By the time we let loose, we will have our facts. But for now, the issues that are really affecting us are the issues that we are looking at.

What has been your most memorable time in your career?

Every day I went out was memorable. I can’t really say this was the particular time that was memorable for me. I have had so many memorable times covering sports, meeting a lot of interesting people. I cannot really say; except the World Cup of 2002 when all the African teams were out of the World Cup in Korea/Japan and it was only Senegal that was left.

The entire world press was after Senegal because they were hot. They had beaten the world champions and were on the verge of qualifying as the first African team that will do that in the history of the World Cup. So, the world press was after them like bees after honey. In the midst of all that, for them to pick me out as an African to go with them, ride on the same bus with them, training with them – when the others were really not allowed to, it was really great. And, that is still in my memory till tomorrow.

Tell me about growing up as a child?

Growing up was interesting in a very limited way. Most of us were from humble backgrounds so, growing up was not easy. I told you that I went to a teachers’ training college for five years. That was because it was free. You call it Universal Primary Education (UPE) by the then Head of State, Olusegun Obasanjo. Perhaps, without UPE, I might not have gone to school because my parents couldn’t afford it. And you know, those days, they had so many children. I am not sure that with their economic capacity, that they would have been able to send every one of us to school then. But in the midst of all that, there was bonding, there were values. My mother instilled the wisdom of hard work in all of us; that nothing comes on a platter of gold. That keeps me going.

What is the best decision you made in life?

The best decision I made in life is what I am doing now. If I had been a teacher, perhaps, I would have been a very bad one because I am impatient to start with. I am very, very impatient. And you know, teachers must have a lot of patience. I knew that from the beginning that I wasn’t going to be a teacher. From the very beginning, I knew that I would end up in the field of sports but not as a professional athlete. I didn’t know what it was but when it came, I knew this was it.

What is the worst mistake you made in life?

In everything, I have made mistakes but the beauty of it all is that I have learnt from them all and I have become a better person.

What is family life like for you? How do you cope with work and family?

Nobody can do it all but the good thing about an African is that we have a lot of support, a lot of help from the family. My children are all grown up now. But when I was building my career, they were still in their formative years and I had my mother. I had sisters and cousins who were looking after them while I was building my career. That is the very good thing that goes within the African setting. If you must be successful, without the support of your family, it is going to be really, really tedious. I was very privileged to have the support of my family.

Are you married?

I am not married to anyone but I am very happy.

Are we going to hear something soon?
Maybe. Every woman looks forward to it. To be honest, every woman looks forward to being married. I have been married before but it was not successful so to speak. You learn your lessons like I said. Given the opportunity to be married today, like I said, there are some things that I did in my first marriage that I wouldn’t do now because I am more experienced now. I am older and I have learnt more.

How do you take care of yourself when it comes to fashion?

I am not really into fashion. To be honest with you, I am not into it. I wear what I am comfortable in and just go. I am not after labels. I am not after designers. For me, just look good in what you wear. You could be wearing your millions on you and I wear this and that and I look great. I am not a fashion person.

How do you take care of your skin?

I really don’t do much. I don’t go to bed with make-up on my face and I have my bath twice a day; before I go out and before I go to bed. That is just the secret.

With ‘The Amazons’, are you still in sports?

Yes, I am still in sports. It is all about versatility. Very soon, you will be seeing me on television and we will be talking about the World Cup.

What is your advice for young girls who look up to you?

I am very happy that a lot of young girls and women are taking to sports reporting and they are doing amazingly well. The privilege they have now is the fact that their source of information is versatile; it is wide. When we started, it was only one source of information. It is either you go and get it yourself or you are hooked to AFP. But now, it is just all over the place and they enjoy what they do. They are very informed. I am very, very glad about that. But nothing good comes easy. You need to have passion for it. You need to be ready to work hard at it. You need to enjoy what you do.


Bimbo Akintola
Nollywood star Bimbo Akintola shot to limelight years back with her naughty but perfectly interpreted role in ‘Out of Bounds’. Having starred in a number of movies thereafter, Bimbo remains one of the strongest and most talented actresses in Nigeria.

From acting to presenting, how did you get on the programme?

Actually, I was contacted by one of the producers and I said I would meet with the others. If I like the concept, then we’ll see how it goes. I met with the team and I liked the idea. Again, I felt Nigeria needed something like this; seeing women saying it exactly as it is.

So, how has being an actress helped you on set?

It helps a lot because I am easy with the camera. I know how to talk to the camera. I understand my camera angles and all that so it makes it pretty easier. It is like a familiar companion.

What is the focus of the programme?

We do talk about all kinds of issues: marriage, the other woman… Well, a lot of issues. People think that we talk about women alone. But as a developing country, there is so much more that women can be doing. So, if we tend to focus on women issues, it is because we need women to understand who and what we are in the society.

We are not only companions, we are also intelligent. And a lot of women, nowadays, are bread winners and they are taking care of their families. They are doing so much. So, I think women really need to be respected and also congratulated in all the things that we are doing. We do talk a lot about women. And issues that affect women.

In your opinion, what is the difference between ‘The Amazons’ and other talk shows?

I would like to say that ‘The Amazons’ has three perspectives; three women from different backgrounds.

Aisha is a sports person and she has lived her life as a sports person. Dolapo is a lawyer. I am an actress. We all come from different areas, different parts, and different upbringings. Our educational backgrounds are similar but went to different schools. Dolapo schooled in England. I schooled here.

And, our different experiences; Aisha is a mother. She has two children, Dolapo has two children. I am a single girl. All these experiences come to play, because we are a colour of our experiences. What we are, whatever we show anyone, at any point in time is from all the experiences that we have had and been through over the years. That is what shapes us.

We are three women coming to talk about the same issues. That makes it totally different.

What is the relationship with your co-hosts like?

You know women. Now, we can be very charming, we can be very distant; depending on what period of the month it is. But we do get along and I think we are all professional enough to understand that it is also not about us as a people but also what we are trying to do. The changes that we are trying to make, the topics that we are trying to talk about; to bring some sort of light on those things. It is not just about us, it is about what we are doing.

Tell me about growing up.

I grew up in a very happy family. My mom is an amazing mother. She was there for us. My father, he was a customs officer and he was in and out, in and out. But my mother was around all the time. My mom closed from work at the time that we closed from school. And, that was it for the day. She spent all the time with us. One of her qualities is that she is a disciplinarian. She is playing with you this minute and the next minute, you could get a beating if you deserve it.

Tell us a bit about your educational background?

I started from Maryland Private School, went to Command Day Secondary School and finished at the University of Ibadan, where I studied Theatre Arts, majoring in Acting, Miming and Speech.

How would you describe the movie industry in Nigeria now?

I think when I started it was easier for talents, easier for actors. You could just walk in and become somebody immediately. I didn’t have to kill myself. All I did was audition and I got roles. But now, it is not as easy maybe, because the standards are higher.

What were the standards like then?

You must be able to act. Maybe, there wasn’t as much talent as we have now. I am wondering. Because, a lot of people are not exposed to the fact that acting is not commercial sex work. It is a profession and people can now make money off it. So, more parents are open to allowing their children into it. You don’t have to sneak to act.

Now, you just tell your mother or father that you needed to be an actor and they allow you so, I think that is what has changed. Back then, a lot of people didn’t have the courage to tell their parents they wanted to be an actor. Now, we have so many talents out there.

We have heard that there are issues of sexual harassment in the industry. How true is it?

I don’t have an idea what that means. I have never been sexually harassed. Honestly, if it is happening, I am not making light of it, it has never happened to me. Never! I will like to see the person who will try that.

What movie would you say actually brought you to limelight?

My second movie, ‘Out of Bounds’ brought me to limelight because my first movie wasn’t released until ‘Out of Bounds’ was released. People thought it was the first movie that I shot but it was really the second.

How has it been over the years?

I have had my ups and downs but what I find now, that is my greatest challenge, is that I read certain stories and I am like I don’t want to do this. I understand that certain things sell but I don’t think that every story must be about only those things. We are creative and innovative people and I am sure that we can do better. I believe totally that every story that I am part of should affect someone’s life. It should address an issue; it should talk about something that is important. For me, movies that I do now are movies that say something.

For some people, it is just about wanting to act, I guess. But for me, I think I have done enough. I have worked hard enough over the years. I have a fan base. I have been recognized. It should be about the things that I think are important. I have paid my dues. So, for me, any movie that I am going to be part of, no matter how silly the story line or the plot is, there must be someone that it will affect.

What are the disadvantages of being an actor?

There are many disadvantages of being an actress and one of them is that you get recognized wherever you go. I don’t understand it. Also, I don’t know if it is the economic situation in Nigeria, but everybody just assumes that you have money. Everybody wants money; people don’t just want to say hi to you. Once they try and get close to you, it is because they want something. It almost gets to the point where you are paranoid about everything because everybody is coming for one thing or the other. It makes it difficult to understand those who are real to you.

You can’t go out and be yourself. You can’t decide that you hae a headache and would rather do a certain thing because, first and foremost you are a human being before being a celebrity. I am an actor; that is my work. There is Bimbo first. The fact that people expect you to be who you are not is some of the disadvantage. It is tiring. If we live like that, we will lose ourselves and we won’t know who we are after some time.

There are however, advantages as well. When people like you so much, they tend to want to see every movie that you feature in. I have amazing fans that have been there.

Are you under any pressure to dress well, look good as a celebrity?

I rarely go out because that is not me. Honestly, that is not who I am. I am not a designer person. I barely know names. I am a hair girl. I love hair. I am a shoe girl. I love shoes. But, it doesn’t have to be a name. It just has to be amazing; what I think is amazing.

I don’t mind buying one dress and not wearing it again because, I have seen them doing that ‘Oh, she wore it last year. She wore it again this year’. I have seen that happen to certain people and I am like that is not fair. If it was a doctor, nobody will say anything. If it was a lawyer, nobody will say anything.

What if the person couldn’t afford a new dress at that point in time; they are human beings. It never happened to me; thank you Lord! And, it will never happen. I saw it in one paper and I felt that was so unfair because you are not thinking about this person’s situation.

We are a developing country. Actors are not multimillionaires. We are struggling people, like every other middle class person.

So, when it comes to beauty therapy what do you do?

I am horrible at these things. I just get up and go but now I scrub. That is one thing I really do like. I scrub at least once a week; maximum three times a week. Men should scrub too.

What is make-up like for you?

I am not an amazing make-up person. I think what I do most of the time will always be my eyes. I am a big hair chic. I say it all the time. I don’t make-up when I am not going for a function; except when I have a function that I am going to and I am forced to. If not, I go around my business and I think I am pretty enough.

What is your word to young people?

When you believe in something, go for it. Work hard and you will get it. I believed in acting. I worked hard and see where I am. Everybody thinks that I have something important to say. People want to hear what I have to say and people recognize me on the street and that is just because I believed in my dreams and strived to make it come through.


Dolapo Awosika

A London-based lawyer who returned to the country a few years ago, Dolapo Awosika is currently making waves as a co-presenter of ‘The Amazons’. Bringing on her wealth of experience as a lawyer on the show, she tackles issues from the legal perspective while proffering realistic recommendations.

When did you decide to return to the country and why?

I got to a point where I realised that I could do much more back in Nigeria by bringing the experiences I had gathered through my line of work, exposure and association with notable organisations.

What were you doing before ‘The Amazons’?

Before ‘The Amazons’, I worked in a few organizations (in their legal department). On my return, I started a business development company which provides a number of services for new and existing organisations. I also handle a production company that is into television content and production coverage.

As a lawyer, what do you bring to bear on the show?

I’ll say the ability to objectively analyse issues from a legal point of view helps me make realistic recommendations.

In your opinion, what stands ‘The Amazons’ out from other talk shows on TV?

The fact that we are three confident women, from different backgrounds, with different personalities, in different vocations and at different stages in our lives. The combination of the three of us on set makes the show unique.

How well do you get along with your co-hosts?

Having three confident women on one show, of course, had its challenges at first. However, we’ve found our groove and being on set is something we all look forward to. We get along well.

Describe your typical day on set?

Depending on how many episodes we are shooting, moods range from relaxed to high strung, excitement and extreme fatigue but always with manic laughter throughout.

What is your greatest passion?

Nurturing. Aside from the fact that I’m a very creative person, I derive joy from supporting people to achieve their full potential; to redecorate a run-down abandoned shackle. I’m a fixer!

What would you consider as your greatest achievement so far?

I believe I am just starting out but so far, I would say being where I am today.

What are some of the challenges you encounter as host of ‘The Amazons’?

I won’t say it’s a challenge. Rather, I will call it an adjustment and that is having to manage the interests people have in me and having to carry them along. I am naturally a very private person.

What would you say is the best lesson life has taught you?

Keep the past in the past, embrace the future and stay focused.

What is fashion like for you?

Anything that makes me look and feel elegant. I would read the label of a pair of trousers, not because of the designer but because of the composition of the material.

What is your best beauty secret?

Being a self confessed beauty junkie, I would say for me, sleep is truly my best beauty secret; literally, a good night’s rest.

What is your eventual dream for ‘The Amazons’?

To be able to pass the baton onto the next generation of ‘The Amazons’ so they can continue what we started.

How do you cope with being a mother, wife and career woman?

Aside from the three you mentioned, I am also a daughter, a sister, an aunty, a niece and a friend. So, it’s a juggling act and, at times, it takes its toll but my love and passion for all, keeps me right on top of it all. I believe it’s what I was born to be.
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Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to Celebrity Spotlight on influence, I am Nina Cole. From Nigeria to the rest of the world, I bring you the amazing interview with Natha; a young and super sensational gospel music artiste from BLW nation. Read what she said about her life, music and journey
#song #natha #word #influencewithaquinas #amazingreaders


Hi, Welcome to Celebrity Spotlight here on IWAB! Can we meet you?….

Thanks For Having me here on CS IWAB platform

What genre or style of music do you do, when did you begin your journey into music and what inspired you to do music as a career and ministry?…

Genre: Gospel rock, hip hop, ballads, R&B sometimes raga.    Started singing when I was 14yrs. I noticed while growing up that it was easier for me to communicate to people through singing. So that, even when I go out on evangelism, I just sing and souls give their hearts to Jesus, and I knew this was what God wanted me to do.

Can you talk about the gospel music and the contents?

My aim in music ministry is not just for entertainment but for intense ministration. So, content should be of great priority rather than just rhythm. For this I would say; for anyone who is being inspired in this direction, make sure to allow the Holy Spirit lead and guide you with quality content with a message that will change lives. Gospel music is not an entertainment and can not be compared with the secular. Is more than rhythm and voice. Is about life and the word of God.

Gospel music generally, is currently a global delight in entertainment news & events, so what can you say about that?…

In a world where we’ve heard and seen reports born out of fear, our peace is maintained still, we are not perturbed, for what so ever is born of God overcometh the world. The gospel songs convey courage, inspiration and a lasting message. The rhythm and lyrics are God breathed.

What Challenges So Far?

Of course! In every great journey, there are always challenges, challenges are good because they make u better afterwards. I have had challenges at every level of music production, promotion…etc but, I have always come out victorious!

What Inspires you and why are into gospel music

Natha is busy day and night, spending time with the Spirit of God writing and composing those songs He wants me to. Trusting and depending on God’s own abilities vested in me. I am in it not for the money, fame or glory but for the furtherance of the gospel, fame of Jesus, Glory of God here on earth so, that in the end all who hear my songs will be transformed!

Who are your role models?

Sinach, Jaci Velasquez, kiki…

Must it be music or…?

Just like I said; music is ministry to me not a business

Are you married and how do you handle male fans?

I am single. I am not gender sensitive when it comes to having fans

Your Hobbies?

Writing, singing, and learning new things

What’s your take on Gospel Artistes who collaborate with the secular Artistes?

I am not in a position to define their stands on convictions because I was not there when God called them

You just dropped a new single few days ago, what about it?

This song! “Whatsoever”. It so a song inspired by the holy ghost for this time. It was produced by African Foremost gospel music Producer and President of Malaga Records “A4Jeazy”. It is a great honor having him work on this song. Please I want everyone to download it now for free.

Download Links Below:


If we ask you to come on CS again, would you?

Of course!! I would gladly do!

Word of Inspiration?

We exist cause of Jesus only so, make your living count for Him, affect lives all over the world!

What do say to our fans and followers?

I see this blog as a passion driven one, and so for anyone who is passion driven, this is the place to be. Thank you

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Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to Breaking News on influence, I am Linda Murphy. Everyday, we swing round the world through investigative field-force to bring you the latest and trending updates around the globe. In focus today is Christmas Message with Aquinas. Enjoy the moment!


When we celebrate Christmas, is more than commemoration of a historic birth, is not just an euphoria of a ceremonial avalanche hinged on the birth of a prophet, great teacher or a monarch who walked the earth, rather it is an affirmation, and a demonstration of our faith in the purpose and fulfillment of Jesus Christ in our lives.

You see, today all over the world, everywhere you turn to, you will sense the feel and presence of excitement, joy and love because it is a day that the saviour was born. Whilst that electrifying humour subsists, don’t forget that the biggest thing is not the ceremonial parties, not even the fact that he was born. The biggest thing is ‘that Jesus is Born in Your Heart’ because after all, love is all that matters, the love of God and Jesus is the celestial expression of the love of God. Remember; he is the reason for Christmas and without his presence, person and love in your heart, there isn’t truly any reason to celebrate Christmas, because you can’t truly celebrate someone you don’t know, love or ideally identify with. It will make no sense getting afloat with or in a system/sea you don’t understand the curves.

“It is a catastrophic adventure to venture into the glamour of Christmas without knowing and having a relationship with Jesus”!

Reflect on this and if you truly need to be born again, simply pray this prayer:
Precious Jesus, I ask you to come into my heart, I believe that you are the son of God and that you were born on this day to die on the cross for my sin, so that I might be saved. Therefore, I believe in your death and resurrection, right now I ask that you save me. I declare that I am born again, and from this day forward, you are the lord of my life. Thank you father for saving me, in Jesus name!

Wow! Congratulation to you if you just prayed that prayer. Now Christmas makes sense because Jesus is born in your heart, making you also the reason for the season just as he is. Remember everyone born of him is together with him, the reason for the season.

My charge to you all my precious readers and fans all the world is that: you make today count and historic by expressing true love. Let the gift party roll and ensure someone is smiling like never before because of you today. Make sure to go to church and know that you are God’s best. Thank you for being with me on #IWAB all through the year. I love you so dearly, Merry Christmas and Influential New Year! God bless you!

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Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to The Future Now on influence, I am Paul Hillary. From the City of Liberty statue here in USA, I bring you insight into what is happening to the world now as the bible prophecy foretold. Whilst the world continue to purse mirage in guise of solution to security and economic problem, what is paramount is that there is no time left anymore! In this timely and riveting episode of TFN, join me as I share with you the future of the world that is already a present our reality according to ED HINDSON



In many ways, the current catastrophe is but a microcosm of the real End Time disasters that are predicted in Scripture. Jesus did, in fact, warn that the days before His Second Coming would be “as the days of Noah” when the “flood came, and took them all away” (Matthew 24:37-39). Every act of God’s judgment is an act of mercy, warning us of even greater judgment to come.

The Bible predicts at least seven future events that are destined to shake the world in the “last days.”

1. Millions Missing

One of the most incredible prophecies of the Bible is the prediction of the Rapture of the Church ( I Thess. 4:13-17). In this passage, the Apostle Paul predicts that one day the “dead in Christ” will be resurrected and “we which are alive” will be raptured (Greek, harpazo) into the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. This reunion of believers is called the “blessed hope” of the Church (Titus 2:13).

The Rapture is a totally different event from the return of Christ to judge the world and set up His kingdom on earth. At the Rapture, millions of born-again believers will be “caught up” into the air to meet the Lord who is coming to claim His Bride and take her home to the Father’s house in heaven (John 14:1-4). In the Return, the Bride comes back from heaven with Christ at Armageddon to defeat the Antichrist and initiate the kingdom of Christ on earth for 1,000 years (Rev. 19-20).

2. USA Out/New Power In

One thing we must always bear in mind is that the Rapture changes everything! If millions of believers were suddenly snatched away to glory, the United States, especially, would be thrown into economic, social, political and spiritual chaos. Assuming that a significant percentage of Americans are true believers, their sudden absence would leave the USA a second-rate power, literally overnight. What happened with Katrina would pale into a distant memory in light of a much greater national crisis.

Biblical prophecies indicate that the major player in the end times scenario will be Europe (cf. Daniel 9). The emergence of the European Union has galvanized more than 350 million people into a political and economic powerhouse that is destined to fill the global power vacuum after the Rapture. This will inevitably lead to a shift in international policies toward Israel in the last days.

3. World Peace Promised

The Bible predicts the rise of a global dictator who will promise to bring peace to the world during the troubling days after the Rapture. II Thess. 2:1-12 indicates that the wicked one cannot come on the scene until after the removal of the Restrainer. A careful reading of this passage indicates that the Antichrist will rise to power after the Rapture of the Church.

The Book of Revelation calls this world ruler the “Beast” (Rev.13:1-10). It describes him controlling a global economy, a world government and a world religion in which he claims to be divine and insists that he be worshipped as God. It also portrays a “false prophet” who assists the Beast in his global deception and world rule (Rev. 13:11-18). However, in the end, the Antichrist’s promise of peace will culminate in plunging the world into the most terrible wars the planet has ever known.

4. Two Dead Men Walking

Revelation 11:3-12 predicts the appearance of “two witnesses” who will proclaim the message of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem in the days following the Rapture. Their clear message will be accompanied by miraculous signs that indicate their functions will be like that of Moses (plagues) and Elijah (fire from heaven). These are also the two witnesses that appeared with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration (Matt. 17:1-3).

The Antichrist will suddenly turn against these two men, kill them and leave their dead bodies in the streets of Jerusalem for public display. But after three and a half days, they will be miraculously resurrected and raptured into heaven (Rev. 11:11-12). This dramatic event will be witnessed by the whole world, presumably on satellite television. It will serve as a final warning to those who have rejected the Gospel and been left behind during the Great Tribulation.

5. Jewish Temple Rebuilt

The first Temple in Jerusalem was built by King Solomon. It was destroyed in 586 B.C. by the Babylonians. The second Temple was built by Zerubbabel in 515 B.C. It was later remodeled by King Herod and destroyed by the Romans in A.D. 70. Today, there is no Jewish temple on the sacred Temple Mount. Instead, the Moslem shrine, the Dome of the Rock, has sat on the Temple Mount for more than 1,300 years, since A.D. 691.

Nevertheless, the Bible predicts that the Antichrist (“man of sin”) will enter the Jewish temple in the last days and insist that he be worshipped as God (II Thess. 2:3-4). This prophecy presupposes the existence of another Jewish temple in the future. Since the Dome of the Rock now sits on the previous site of the Temple, this would seem to predict the eventual destruction of the Dome of the Rock and the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in its place, perhaps under the auspices and protection of the Antichrist himself.

6. Holocaust Eclipsed

One of the most serious biblical prophecies points to the invasion of Jerusalem in the biblical last days. While Israel is dwelling securely, she will suddenly be invaded by hordes of old Gentile nations. Both the Old Testament (Ezekiel 38-39; Joel 2:1-11; Zechariah 14:1-3) and the New Testament (Matt. 24:15-28; Rev. 16:1-21) predict an assault on Jerusalem in the end times.

The prophet Daniel predicts the coming world ruler will break his treaty agreement with Israel, desecrate the Temple and attack the city of Jerusalem (Daniel 9:26-27). John the Revelator pictures Jerusalem falling (Rev.11:13) and the remnant fleeing into the wilderness (Rev.12:13-17). Jesus warned that unless those days were shortened, no one would survive (Matt. 24:21-22). But unlike the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, this time God will intervene to deliver His people.

7. God Comes to Earth

The great climax of biblical prophecy is the Triumphal Return of Jesus Christ described in Rev. 19:11-16. He returns from heaven to earth to win the Battle of Armageddon (Rev. 16:16), defeat the Beast and the False Prophet and cast Satan into the abyss for 1,000 years (Rev. 19:19-20:3). Only His return will bring peace to the planet and an end to human hostilities. In the Person of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, God comes to earth to reign and rule in peace and righteousness. This will be an unprecedented time of blessing and prosperity only to be exceeded by eternity itself when all the saints of God dwell together in the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21-22).

The final prophecies of the Revelation end with an invitation. Jesus speaks one last time, urging us to “testify … these things in the churches” (Rev. 22:16). Then the Revelation adds: “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that hears say, Come. And let him that is athirst, come. And whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely” (Rev.22:17). Prophecy is not written to frighten us, but to invite us to come to Christ while there is still time. You and I have an invitation to dine with the King. But we must decide to accept His invitation before it’s too late (Rev. 3:20).

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Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to a beautiful day. It is Faith Living on influence. Today by the Spirit, I bring you this message. It is timely and riveting and my prayer is that you will find hope, strength and grace that will cause a change in your life as you read this. Enjoy the read!

                             …God got another plan!
God said to the children of Israel: I have set before you this day death and life but I would that you choose life. One of the greatest liberality and generosity of God to mankind is the allowance for will power. As much as this precious gift is aimed at blessing, yet it could destroy but only the one who abuses the purpose thereof.

God has a desire for all men (block gender) to worship him and fulfill his eternal purpose. Yet he thinks better of his kids. As much as this subsists, there are elements that strive hard and harder to sabotage this plan. There are good and bad habits. Dirty Habits are formed in the process of addiction but it begins with a little lust, influence and idolatry. There are folks who have been overtaken by alcohol, drugs, women, sex and other kinds of excessive elements, yet they wonder why their lives are in shamble, drowned and headed on destiny wreck and pathological jeopardy.

You were made for a glorious future with a beautiful destiny but you have to understand that such are not as more important as you fulfilling that purpose for being. That slowly growing fascinations and craving for make-up, clothes, clubbing, sex, sniffing and what have you is a snare. Watch it otherwise it will grow out of your force field and become a terror. Don’t give room to the devil to get in the way and mess up your life.

Destiny and purpose are expensive and no currency in the world can afford it. If God gave it to you without any condition, then it is a gift you must guard with your life. Those things you do in your closets that are already forming clouds of secrecy, watch them. They are highways to early grave. The puzzling fact about dirty habits is that if you don’t deal with them, they will surely deal with you. No matter how smart you play or how deep you shave off their prints, one day, they may burst out and disgrace you. Don’t suppress it but deal with it because the two actions are different.

A true celebrity is not the beauty queens of this world or the popular figures that grace the TV screens and billboards. A true celebrity is the one who leads a fulfilling life of purpose. And true purpose is only in Christ. Stop that madness and don’t get killed by that habit. God loves you, he is got another plan for you and he needs you here to do his work and manifest his glory to the whole world. Embrace Jesus today and let him help you deal with that dirty habit that you have struggled with this long.

My prayer for you today is that you will experience the glory of God even as you read this and his mighty power rest upon you in abundance. Much more, the revelation of his personality becomes ever real to you now and by his Spirit you are strengthened to live above that dirty habit. Now in the Name of Jesus I command that devil in your life to leave now with his demons. You are free in Jesus name. Write me and let’s celebrate your victory. I love you, God bless you!

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Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to Celebrity Interview. Today I am excited to be hosting one of the rising gospel music forces in Nigeria Josh Ajakaye. With over 20 years background in music education, an iconic voice coach and a stage phenomenon, Josh has trained over 300 choir across various churches and has made several appearances as a guest music minister at some top gospel events and churches. Ladies and Gentle men, in this insightful episode of celebrity interview, read what X-Factor Josh Ajakaye has to say about his life, music and marriage. Enjoy the read!

Hi, Welcome to celebrity interview here on Influence! Can we meet you?

My name is Joshua Ajakaye. The band leader of Josh & Cedar Crew and presently the Music Director of RCCG Rose of Sharon Parish, Lagos Nigeria.

What genre or style of music do you do, when did you begin your journey into music and what inspired you to do music as a career and ministry?

Am a multi-faceted Musician with style and stage presence. I do dance hall to RnB spiced with afro pop. I started singing as a church boy over 3 decades. I play the keyboard, drums and the Bass Guitar. For me, music is life and style. My inspiration is from God and personal experience of his loving kindness towards me. I also get inspired by sweet melody lines each time I play any of the musical instruments at hand.

Can you talk about the global impact of gospel music in nation building particularly; highlighting the stake of African Acts in that?

Music has emerged to be a Global identity and language for every country. For Africa and Nigeria in particular, it has drawn attention and business opportunities to Nigeria and Nigerians.

Now we see foreign Musicians doing collabo with Nigerian Acts. Further more, is the several endorsement deals and accelerated good life it attracts to old and up coming Artistes. It’s a symbol of unity and love. In fact the impact are numerous.

Gospel music artiste are currently a global delight in entertainment news & events, so what can you say about that?

Like I said earlier, music is life and style. There is rarely no event without Music, Dance and Comedy. This shows music forms integral part of our daily activities and events. It’s a source of spice and tension ease.

You recently performed at a Nigerian based talent hunt show, can you tell us more about that?

Yes I was invited to minister alongside Pastor Wale Adenuga and the past winners at the just concluded “God’s Children Great Talent” Season 5. A talent hunt organized under the auspices of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (City of David) chaired by the Regional Pastor, Pastor Idowu Iluyomade.

Twas an awesome experience in God’s presence. There were about 10 spectrum of Talent categories from dance, singing, writing, drama, recitation, playing of musical instruments to mention but a few. The event availed me more opportunities to increase my fans. It’s a laudable initiative to discover our young ones and prevent them from social vices and much more channel them towards impacting the world with the gospel through their God given gifts.

How many Albums so far, your collaborations and share your music travels and tours; past & present?

My album title is The Bread Winner. This
is maiden Album Launch with the Cedar Crew. Before now I shut a video JOMILOJU trending on the social media with lots of lovely responses and downloads. The video is accessible on youtube and facebook. it’s crisp, classy and exotic. However, following the Album launch since February, plans are ongoing cureently for my 7 Sunday Church Tour coming up before the end of the year. The Tour will feature the likes of Babz and the Carpenterz Household, The Gforce, Frank Edward, Wole Oni and the host of others. The Lagos Tour will span through Victoria Island, Gbagada, Maryland, Alimosho, Yaba etc.

Has there been challenges and supposed victories, please share?

Well I have always been blessed each time I embark on any project. Both human and financial resouces. Though it’s quite expensive to do music, the only challenge I could recall is ‘on air promotions’ which am getting over with the expertise of my unique management. Our strength or victories is attributed to the wonderful persons around me, the likes of my Brand Manger. He is indeed a gift from God, my PA and logistics director. These young chaps are fantastic and are my driving forces. I salute you guys!

What is Josh doing to give back to the society?

Part of my plan is to train some churches in the suburb who have been deprived of good music. I want to see how I can help them improve on their sound and the choir’s capacity. This will come up after the Tour, having made contact with the churches and inviduals. In addition, I hope to organize a Music Workshop/seminar with seasoned facilitators with track record in the field of music.

Who inspires you either as a role model or a mentor, and which big Act in the industry do you admire most?

My mentor is Pastor Ituah Ighodalo of Trinity House. This is a man that believes so much in my dreams inspite of my several failures he never left me. The Musicians I respect so much are Sammie Okposo and Kirk Franklin. Above all, I am appreciative to God Almighty for life and source of my inspirations.

How much does your wife support you?

Honiem my Wife like I always call her is a tender loving and undisturbing gift from God to me. Though She is the shy type but I want everyone to expect me to get the best out of her. She will soon be announced and seen as a role model to the young ones from her astute and poise sense of disposition.

Any motivation for the young people aspiring to your success?.

My last word to my friends and loved ones is: embrace Jesus, enjoy fellowship with the Holy Spirit without whom you can do nothing, believe in yourself and never you give up. God bless you!

Your sign out word to my readers about my blog; influencewithaquinas?

Influencewithaquinas is more than a blog. It is an extraordinary platform divinely positioned by God to change lives around the world in these last days. The contents here are very rare and uncommon. So get involved by following and telling others. Aquinas thank you for lifting the flag of Jesus and you are a superstar no.1. You are amazing and thank you for having me here!

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Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to Celebrity Chat on Influence. Today is extraordinary as I will shock you with the appearance of a towering personality you can only get loving all the way.
Last week was awesome as we had a special time chatting with DE – OLA. Interesting huh? Today, who could that big image be? Just wait a minute!

She is simply super sensational. Storming the gospel music scene with an eclectic blend of Pop and alternative Rock, she has successfully brought beauty and glory to the industry whilst reaching out to the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ embedded in her ever life transforming and anointed artistic prowess.

As fondly called ….da sings by friends, she is an artiste of a very rare quality! Her sound is a unique blend of pop and Alternative with some Afro pop and hip hop. She is known for her sweet melodies, awe-inspiring lyrics and legendary symphony. Her arrival into the professional scene of Gospel music has been heralded as timely and riveting with an amazing global impact which has earned her some serious acknowledgements and recognitions, and much more lending credence to the stake of the gospel music industry world over.

She studied chemical & polymer engineering at the Lagos state university where she came in contact with the Believers’ Loveworld campus ministry. Upon her meeting Rev. (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome PhD, like an avalanche her ministry came alive, as the gospel of Christ jumped out of the pages and became a present hour reality each day, the person of the Holy Spirit became real and Conspicuous, pointing towards a call into the supernatural which has remained a global shocker till date.

Besides being the First artiste signed on FreeNation Inc , she also is a member of BLW Presidential music team and one of the President’s favorite Gospel music ministers who have had the rare privilege of ministering with him around the world to millions of people. She is actively involved with the music ministry of Christ Embassy where She worships with her family.

Her personal relationship with Jesus and testimony has inspired songs like, “Jesus the same”, “Raboni”, “Yes”, “Glory”, “Victory Song”, “Not Alone”, “Thanksgiving”, “My Dream” to mention a few which have blessed millions around the world. In her own words she would say, “I am a Christian woman who traded an ordinary life for the supernatural life-giving LIFE, the first daughter of the king of glory, a songwriter of Zion and, a winning woman”. Her debut album, a 19 track LP titled, “UNDENIED” released by prestigious LoveWorld Records in November 2009, recorded an uncommon success internationally.

Precious readers, with a rousing round of applause welcome the current brand Ambassador of African Cable TV (ACTV) and first lady of FreeNation ADA as she comes on to share her life, faith and what the gospel music is doing around the world. Enjoy!

Hi welcome to celebrity interview on influence. Can we meet you?

My name is Ada! I am a minister of the Gospel

Of what genre is your music, when did your journey into music begin and what inspired you to do music as a career and ministry?

My sound is dominantly fusion of various sounds, it’s alternative to pop, rock and lots of mainstream genres. I guess that is an accurate way to explain it. 
I started professionally after i left school, i have been greatly inspired by my christian faith: the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and my testimony of God’s faithfulness as well as the testimonies of others. The love of God has flooded my life, i sing to testify…he lives

Can you talk about the global impact of gospel music in nation building?

Music is very potent! Any culture, lifestyle and generation, even communication is greatly influenced by it. Generally the youths of any nation are also defined and informed by the thoughts communicated by the music of their time. If influenced by it, then the Nation or Nations in general can be built by the thoughts/ emotions/ character/ lifestyle communicated by and through these prevalent sound! Gospel music is potent! It gives life, it heals and restores! These are the same needs of any society the world over….

Christ Embassy is currently a global media delight in entertainment news and events. What is your take on that?

These are reflective of the power of the message coming from that pulpit. The word of God as delivered and taught by our man of God Rev Chris Oyakhilome is potent! Producing what it talks about and transforming ordinary people all around the world into Champions and captains of industries.

You recently played a vital role at LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts LFMA in South Africa-an earthshaking event of all time, can you share your experience?

LFMA! Twas beyond imagination! It is the future of Gospel entertainment! Wholesome family time! 

How many Albums so far?

Currently, I have 3 albums,  the first UNDENIED, then the double disc LIFTED & SO FLY. God is faithful. By his spirit i have been strengthened and helped, marvelously helped.

What is Ada doing to give back to the society?

I am a Goodwill Ambassador for the Innercity Mission, i am involved with them in special projects, between, i make music for the people! To Communicate the lifting power and presence of the holy spirit to everyone.

Who inspires you?

Lots of people inspire me! Would be a very long list! I’m grateful to God i met Pst Chris when i did, his words won my soul, my husband, so so many to start to list right now.
Lots of music, lots and lots of content…

Motivation for young people aspiring to be great success?

Trust God! He is too big to fail

Your sign out word to my readers

Aquinas thank you for having me here and amazing work you are doing here. To influence readers, there is nothing you need or will ever need that God has not provided. God is who he is, will do what he says he will do irrespective of your status and qualification and you are who he says you are! Trust him, he will deliver you into your inheritance in christ…keep following this blog. Cheers!

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Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to Hot Gist on Influence. Today, join me as I take you inside Nigeria, from The City of Lagos -Africa’ Commercial HotSpot to inspire you with insights on faith and fashion shared by a super talented, creative and fast rising Nigerian Fashion Designer Irene Alabi during a recent interview with a Nigerian Newspaper ‘Nigerian Tribune Glamour’. I am also glad to inform you that today 8th June is the Birthday of this Fashion Diva. Smh huh!
Enjoy the read

Irene AIabi is the Chief Executive Officer of Iryanthys Couture. The graduate of Computer Science from The University of Lagos, in this interview with TAYO GESINDE, speaks on her brand, driving force and her fashion preferences and her faith. Excerpts:

How it all began

I have always had a flair for fashion right from my secondary school days. I had many tailors around me but whenever they made any dress for me, I was never satisfied with whatever they made because I really loved looking good. That was why I began showing more interest in sewing. I learnt how to sew from my aunty for about two years after which I worked with a guy called Martin Couture at the Island. Later, I went back to school to further my education. I studied Computer Science at the University of Lagos. When I graduated, I worked with Eyiyemi Pratt; she was a presenter and a fashion designer. I upgraded my fashion skill at her fashion outfit.

Challenges faced

I started my fashion business in my father’s house. I had just one machine at the time and I was sewing in the passage so the major challenge I had was to get people to appreciate my work. Being a beginner, many people felt that, “what can she do?” Because I was not a known name, they didn’t appreciate what I had to offer. Many of them felt they were doing me a favour by patronising me. They would tell me that they were just trying to encourage me. “I have my regular tailor, I just want to help you,” many of them would say. So, the major challenge I faced in those days was patronage. It was when they started seeing the quality of my work that they began to appreciate me My label, Iryanthys Couture started officially in 2010. The journey so far has been very interesting. I am not where I want to be but I am not where I used to be. There is no occupation without challenge. Another challenge I had was human resource. Of all the resources you need as a designer, human being is the most difficult to manage. No matter what you have to offer, no matter how fair you are, some would never appreciate what you do. Most of the time, I had to go to God to see me through. No matter how truthful and plain you are with your workers, you never get the same type of honesty from them. So, I believe in just doing my best and leaving the rest.

What stands me out from my competitors

Finishing. My motto is: “Simplicity at its best.”We can do anything; bridals, couture, name it. With the way fashion has turned out to be these days, your finishing counts more than what you think you can do. I have clients who no matter what you do on the outside of a dress if your finishing is terrible, they won’t wear it on their body. So, for me, it has been a selling point. My experience with my customers has taught me that your finishing should be as good as what is on the outside.

Fabrics I love working with

I love to work with Ankara. From fashion Hollywood, woodin, Da Viva to Nigerian wax.

Fashion shows

I have attended a lot of fashion shows that I have lost count of the numbers of shows I had participated in.

Assessment of the Nigerian fashion industry

Nigerian fashion industry has grown so big and every day, it keeps expanding. It has given us a head way on the international scene. I am happy to say that Ankara is worn everywhere in the world and it has been a major employer of labour in the past ten years. A lot of young people are into fashion now. It is very, very lucrative for those who are serious about it. We even have actors now having fashion labels. The industry is growing in leaps and bounds and this I believe is the reason government should provide capitals to those who want to go into the fashion business. This will go a long way in reducing the rate of unemployment in the country. Government should invest in the fashion industry.


My inspiration comes first from God, the author and finisher of everything. I also get inspiration from art, the fabric and from understanding the kind of person I want to deal with. For instance, I can be inspired to sew a particular design but one needs to look at who one is sewing for. Is the person plus size or slim? There are some things that plus size people cannot wear but will look nice on slim people. And there are certain things that they (plus size) will wear that slim people can’t wear. So, the inspiration is basically from God and other designers.

Driving force

Basically, I have a passion for fashion but asides that, money is the major motivation. I enjoy doing fashion. However, the number one motivator for me is money.

Where I want to be in five years time

I should be participating in fashion shows around the world. Having and opening branches all over West Africa by God’s grace.

Combining the home front with my business

It has not been easy but this is the place where priority comes in. You need to priortise. God first, family first and business second.

Definition of style

Like I said earlier, style for me is simplicity at its best. As an individual, when going for an outing, the first thing I consider is the type of event I am going for. This is due to the fact that you can’t dress for a cocktail party and a dinner party in the same way. Just as you can’t be going for a Nigerian fashion show and dress as if you are going for the Oscars. So, the event one is attending is key in choosing your outfit. After that, whatever you are going to wear, let it be something that will suit your body shape.

Favourite designer

Zack Posen.

Role models

I don’t have any role model. Most of the time, I just think of how I want to look. I combine things; check out the outcome, think of how I can manage them and if I am satisfied with that look, I go for it.

My opinion on provocative dressing

I am a born again Christian so I don’t encourage provocative dressing. It is not ideal. It is not until you show off sensitive parts of your body before people can see that you are beautiful. As a designer, I have had instances where customers would ask me to sew provocative styles for them. What I try to do in such cases is to try and convince them to sew other styles. I always look for a way of selling what I feel will look good on my clients to them and most of the time, they tend to agree with me. So I try as much as possible to encourage and build their confidence that they don’t have to expose their bodies to look and feel good. Some want to show off cleavage, some their breasts and you find out at the end of the day that they usually look better when they are decently dressed. I have come to realise that many of my clients are plus size. An average plus size person usually lacks self confidence. No matter what you make for them, no matter how good it is, they are never satisfied. What I do is that I sell whatever design I want to make to them, then, I build up their self confidence and self esteem. Those two attributes are very important in human beings especially plus size people. After building their self confidence and self esteem, they wear the clothes and they are happy. There was a time I had plus size people and when I want to sew for them, it was a headache. You are about to cut their clothes and you are afraid. But at the end of the day, the Holy Spirit showed me how to deal with them. That I should just build their self-confidence and self- esteem. No matter how beautiful what you make for them is, if they don’t have the confidence to wear it then it won’t work. So, the trick is to tell women that they don’t have to expose their body to be beautiful. Your face, your body structure and even your carriage will showcase your beauty. Instead of wearing a provocative dress, you can wear a mono strap dress.

Beauty regimen

It is simple. I wash my face before going to bed, clean my make-up, bath regularly and I don’t use harsh creams on my body. I use Shea butter and coconut oil. I apply my make –up, make sure my hair is neatly done and I am good to go.

Choice of accessories

Shoes, I love heels a lot. Then probably, wrist-watches and earrings. I am not a necklace person neither am I crazy about bags. I can go out without carrying bags.

Cost of looking good

Looking good does not have to be expensive. It is your carriage that matters. Your self confidence and how well you can match up whatever you want to wear. As a designer, I should be able to wear anything that when people see it, they will want to have it.”

Favourite colours

As a designer I should be able to match all colours but I get attracted to red and yellow a lot.

What I will like to change about myself

Nothing. I am wonderfully and fearfully made.

Favourite pastime

Take a nice shower and take a long rest. If I want to pamper myself, I go for body massage.

Advice for young people

Be patient; don’t be in a hurry to make it because life is not like that. Everything is step by step so, I will encourage them to be patient, to be focused and get educated. The sky is the limit when they do all these.
Source: Nigerian Tribune Glamour

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Hello Family, welcome to influence-your favorite Platform. You will be inspired today as I take you through this episode of our “Celebrity Spotlight”. Enjoy!

Sitting on that couch inside the tastefully furnished parlour of a green color Duplex in a seren neighbourhood-the residence of Monica Zunny, with my legs crossed and wondering what fancy would characterize the business of the day which is “Celebrity Spotlight“, my guest Monica Zunny Walked in to grant her audience for a long anticipated chat with this global trotter. Her smiles, warmth gesture and flourishing beauty which lended credence to the ambience of my thursday morning kept reverberating my thought screen. As she began doing justice to my well scripted questions, I realized that I had been involved with a Legend, a diva of celestial order, a library of wisdom, an Impact Prowess and a Super Woman whose intimidating and imposing Career Success hides behind her choice to keep it simple but classy in her get along Charisma. This Extraordinary phantom in WoMan Personage, a Pastor, a CEO, a Career Strategist, a Relationship Consultant & a Music Minister, beyond her Name shares; her life, career, ministry and aspiring global brand growth. it will unravel your opinion and get to challenge your conventional thinking. Read Monica Zunny’s Story in this episode of Celebrity Spotlight!

Can I meet you?

Monic Zunny
I am Monica Zunny Abu. I have been married to Pastor Zunny Abu for 13 years and our union is blessed with two lovely children. I am a member of Christ Embassy; where I have been serving God for 24 years till now. I graduated from Ekpoma University with a degree in Religious Studies & Philosophy in 1995 and Had my Master’s degree in International Law & Diplomacy from University of Lagos in 2001. Though, I have had a thriving career in some organizations but currently, I am the Founder/President of Positive Marriage International Initiative-an NGO with a mandate of helping women experience fulfillment in marriage through God’s word.

I am just wondering what kind of educational background a woman of your repute would have. can you share the information?

Monica Zunny
Who is listening…Ooops! To share just a few, first between 1999 – Mid 2004 I was a Manager at Technology Distribution Ltd where my key roles were: Coordinating the activities of the branch office/company’s central warehouse. Implementation and entrenching of company policy and also formulating operational procedures in the maintenance of inventory and stock management and personnel management. Distributing stocks to Branches and Business partners on Information Technology brands/items. Providing updates on product data covering APC, HP, EPSON, IBM, Microsoft and other brands in the company list of product.

Moving on, by August 2004, I moved to Conceige2 Ltd as a Senior Manager. Here, my roles were: General administration of the company’s affairs. Customer relations, Marketing and relationship management as well as accounts management. Implementation of company’s policies and ensuring that company procedures are followed in the day to day operations until 2007.

Finally, an opening came at Global Plus Publishing (LLC). Here I moved from one role to another as the work responsibility demanded on my expertise. First as a pioneer manager, later became Head of Client Service, Head of Production of Operations, Head of Purchasing and Outsourcing, Head of Corporate Services and finally climbed to the height of Head of International operations; a position that saw my career skyrocket rapidly. As the head of International Operations, not until I resigned, I had a very hectic and expansive travel and work scope which included: sourcing for print partners across the globe to execute huge client projects in locations/outsource our immediate press production. Responsible for negotiation and award of print contract to partner presses, overseeing production in several locations including India, Dubai, South Africa, Ethiopia, Senegal, United States of America, Belarus, Germany and several other locations. I had to travel to some of these locations to inspect the facility and machinery of the presses before the project was embarked on. Also worked with the banks to perfect the Letter of Credits for these offshore projects. Working with critical lead time and sensitive timelines to ensure timely production and shipment as payments were based on the sighting of bill of lading. In co-ordinating these projects we worked with strict quality deliverables as the universal standards of the products had to be met even though production was done across several continents. In addition to the projects, I also managed the production of the materials on a monthly basis in different locations. The monthly production covered freight to several locations; an example is our production hub in Hungary which covered over twelve translations shipped to fifteen different countries which meant scaling the language barrier to relate with the staff in some of those countries and real time tracking to manage the freight lead time to ensure the materials are received as at when due. To effectively manage the international operations I had the responsibility to produce the documents guiding the operations via the creation of Standard Operating Procedures and operational flow.

So amazed about such a profound career prowess you have here. Oh my God! Ok were there reasons for your resignation?

Monica Zunny
On the negative, not at all. But you see apart from preaching the gospel and working, I have a family, a fast growing music Career and a mission for women which place huge demands on my time. Lips sealed!

looking at your imposing resume, are there some exceptional trainings that helped you to attain this height?

Monica Zunny
Yes there are. I have attended several book fair, training and seminars such as Germany Book Fair, Graph Expo-Chicago U.S.A (all in 2013), Graphics of the America(s),2011-Miami Florida U.S.A, Lagos Business School (Inventory Management), 2001, Heidelberg, Dubai-executive Session, 2008, Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) London (documentation Management/Retention), 2009 and currently undergoing an online course on Emotional Intelligence at Case Western University, U.S.A.

You are multifaced, first you had a huge professional work career, you are a pastor, you are gospel music minister and youyou are the president of Positive Marriage International Initiative. Why doing music and also running an NGO sequel to such height in your profession?

Monica Zunny
Hahaha…we go to school to read and write and what you do with that is the value. First, going to school helped to develop my mind. Then working in corporate organizations took me to a depth in human relations which form an integral part of the work tool for my current pursuit. Although music has been part of my life; especially having been a choir member for over 20 years and also a choir leader in Christ Embassy at different times and locations. Some of the songs in my recent Album were written some 15 years ago. Now that tells you the journey so far in that regard. However, God has guided me to lead a mission that would help women have and make their marriages work for them and not against them hence the NGO. The NGO through God’s word provides women with profound insights into God’s purpose for marriage and practical steps on how to activate the values thereof in their favor. This it achieves through forums, conferences, seminars, mentorship programs, talk shows, empowerment platforms and so much more. Since inception, doors have been opening across the globe and several forums and much more have been held with women of all ages, groups, tribe, colors and spheres of life in over 12 countries of the world and still counting. Testimonies of changed lives, restored homes and marriages abound, confirming the overflowing grace of God with us. I need to let you know that Monica Zunny is a brand with multiple service points. The music, the NGO and much more are part of the service points and the brand is aspiring a global page which you could see reflected in our culture of excellence and scope.

Talk about your music

Monica Zunny
Currently I have an Album titled Forgiveness. It is a 7 track album and two videos have been shot already from same. The videos on “one life to live” and “forgiveness” were shot in Dallax Texas, United States. The album is currently penetrating some major international markets including US and Europe and the videos are also enjoying Airplays across Major Satellite and Cable TV channels, online streaming and downloads. All these in one square, would see my music spanning multiracial borders and territories.

Hearing your music; particularly the recent album and watching your videos, one could imagine if you are really an African. Why did you put so much quality into your music in a market with little or no security against piracy?

Monica Zunny
Well I did say to you that Monica Zunny is an aspiring global brand with the consciousness of international standards. I don’t intend to compromise my ethics and values for our consistent culture of excellence across all our products, service and operations irrespective of inflations and corruptions in the world. I am a Christian and as a daughter of the monarch of the Universe (God)-the father of excellence, he is my source, my sufficiency and The Holy Spirit is my Competitive advantage even though I don’t consider competition because of the clime I come from (lineage of Abraham). I just couldn’t be less than I am and couldn’t stop being much more. I remember whilst working on my album and videos, a young lady said to me: Ma, with how much quality and resources you are putting into these projects, I don’t think Nigerian market is your target. Then I smiled and said: that is truly the idea. The music is for the whole world because I am a global brand in progress; which must not be anything less than the best by all standards. you need to know that also all my songs are testimonies of real encounter with God and are originally written and composed by me. I had written and performed original songs for Cadbury Plc at their “women’s day program” in 2006 and “Nigerian Air force Primary School 50th Anniversary”. I am also on LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry (LMAM) as an Artiste.

How much has your music been accepted?

Monica Zunny
Well like I said before, I am a brand. Though the brand is growing but because of the grace of God and the vision we bear, the music is penetrating rapidly into America, Europe, Africa, Asia, UK and much more. the videos have also received some celebrity endorsements from some of the foremost gospel music stars including Sinach. I am also monitoring the Airplays and online streaming and threads, and the feedback is enormous and indicative of the explosive high rise ahead of us. I have been on some radio and Cable TV shows for interviews on this subject and also as a relationship consultant on Metro woman-a major talk show program on LoveWorld Plus (Cable TV). All of these form part of how much the music is gaining wide acceptance into the global markets and niches’.

how do you cope with your very busy career schedules, ministry and running your family and how does your husband see this?

Monica Zunny
first I have a man who’s more than a diamond to me- Pastor Zunny Abu. he is a Zonal Pastor in Christ Embassy and a Successful International Entrepreneur. interestingly, he is the first believer in my music vision and other things around me. I get all of his supports and understanding. then I have a distinct structure with my team and everyone around me to ensure I have a seamless flow in my operations. you know plus my very expansive travel schedules, I try to make all these work together for the uninterrupted growth of Monica Zunny, yet giving equal and balanced attention to my family which is my haven of joy. Through it all, the grace and wisdom of God have been abundant.

What has been the challenges?

Monica Zunny
amazingly, there has been none at this time because the Holy Spirit has helped me to plan my life and journey. the teaching and training which I receive from My life coach- Rev. Chris Oyakhilome PhD has put me ahead in life where I know how to deal with every circumstance. Moreover, all that I do are not engineered by desperation or inordinate quest but they are born out of clear cut purpose and divine destiny. for every dream, there must be a time of sacrifice and sowing which I am at. this is to say: at the end, the statement will worth the premium.

Who’s your role model?

Monica Zunny
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD. I have also enjoyed the music of Shirley Ceaser and Helen Baylor maybe because we do the same genre of music.

What can you say about collaborating with Secular Artistes?

Monica Zunny
No plan, wish or dream for that though, I am a minister but for anyone who does, if it is for the purpose of winning them to the Kingdom of God, then it is ok otherwise no need for that.

What are your future plans?

Monica Zunny
Fulfilling all that God has called me to do.

Any word of encouragement to young people?

Monica Zunny
Make hard work part of your life. Your hands must find something doing which the lord will bless. have faith in God and never give up on your dream. most of all, you must be born again in Christ Jesus otherwise it may not go too great. God bless you and all that you set your heart to do in Jesus name!

What can you say about influencewithaquinas?

Monica Zunny
influencewithAquinas is an uncommon and unique platform which everybody should get involved with. The program and contents here are refreshing and inspiring different from any other platform. keep following and keep promoting the work of God going on here! I love it.

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