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I have lived my life as a christian studying carefully and deeply about men that follow God. In 2005, I had an extraordinary encounter with the anointing upon the man of God Pastor Chris in a convention which held at Civic center Port-Harcourt. I could still remember strongly the experience of that night and much more what that encounter left me with in my journey till date.

Later that same year, at different times in that my small precious prayer room in school, Benny Hinn and Pastor Chris would come to me like in a trance of sort to show me things to come. Often time I had come off those moments so soaked in such a strong presence of the Holy Spirit and currents of the anointing as though I would blow up. God in some specific instances had said to me: these two men represent the fullness of the ministry of the word and the spirit, follow them and never take lightly what they do. For several years I had prayed and looked forward to being in a meeting where these two men of wonders would share from the wealth of heaven they carry.

When the news first made headline here on IWAB News, some folks called to say different things, but I uttered no word. When God has a new thing he wants to do or a mandate for mankind which he wants to unveil, he sends his prophet. There are prophets and there are prophets. The Big Question is “What is in the mind of God at this time for sending these two men together”? Every uncommon move of God, translates to a celestial landmark which may be a sign for something ahead and a reference in generations. The church is in its greatest hour, and the world is currently living on borrowed time. I had always known by the training I have received, that how close the world is to its complete end can be ascertained by what God is doing with and in the church at specific times, beside the upsurge of evil in the world.

These two apostolic gladiators, celestial effulgence, ecclesiastical prowess and Charismatic Highness in one meeting, one mandate, one platform and one mission, mean more than a crusade. It is a revelational move. Much more, understanding the world that shakes, the crowd that tremble and the traffic that follow the meetings held by these earth mysteries in bodily form, why should this purported meeting be in closed auditorium? This is a question that must spur you up to look at the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. When God wanted to bring the slavery of Israel in Egypt to an end, he called the 3 million Jews as they were in number to a closed door meeting, when he wanted to save Noah from the destruction ahead of the world, he separated him and his family by a closed ark, when he wanted to launch the church into the era of the Holy Ghost, he put the apostles in an upper room…the list is endless. I am so deeply convinced that the coming of Pastor Benny Hinn and Pastor Chris in one meeting is significant to the last days of the world and the rapture of the church (theologians and skeptics roaring now). Beside the outlandish miracles, divine impartation and more to be witnessed and experienced in these timely and riveting meetings as these spectacles in flesh minister, brothers and sisters, there is more to what God is saying to the church and the world. It may not be a surprise if the rapture takes place whilst we worship God in these meetings…smiles. These are meeting that no one born of God should miss. Behind the name tag, it is a home coming for ‘apostolic and eschatological summit’. God bless you!

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