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Finally, today as Nigeria celebrate its 56th Independence Anniversary, the much anticipated New Nation of Music Stars ‘Koinonia Nation’ is launched to the world with a message of changing the world through faith lifting songs. In this giant outing, comes a brand new single release ‘STAND’…starring Natha, Auxano, Lychee, Ben, Heavenly, P-Centric, Rebbie and Anthonia

Jesus gave us a mandate to take over the world with the message of peace. We are a people of power and glory and through anointed music and faith inspiring songs, we will make our world a haven of peace. The song STAND comes fresh from the Holy Spirit as a timely and riveting message to proclaim peace and change we all long for which only the seed of God’s word we sow in our land can make possible. This day as a nation of gospel Music Stars ‘Koinonia Nation’ is born, STAND reaches out to celebrate the peace and glory of the lord in our nation. Download this for free and enjoy the peace and change of the word in your life. Powered by: Delaquine Int’l Limited


To download this special song for free, follow these links.

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