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Welcome to BN Celebration on influence. From Cynthia, Pamela Armani, Joe Phil, Collins Morgan, Monica Nwachukwu, Deola Odu, Amaka, Tamera Bowling, and Cleo Morris, we are excited to bring you this special broadcast to commemorate the birth of an Icon, a Legend, a Visionary CEO, a Missionary Christian, an Army of the Order of Christ, a Pen-Influence, a Vocal Spectacle-The Super Sensational Host of ‘IWAB’-Aquinas Cosmas. Stay tuned

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If we had ever thought of a wonder in bodily form, you are a perfect script. If we had ever known a gem or precious stone, your life is more than a living proof. If we had ever seen integrity and super-intelligence at work, you are a total package of such reality.

The path you have chosen is too bravery to be lived simply in the manner you demonstrate it. The content of your person tells so such about the presence and influence that qualifies the man in you. We have witnessed life changing moments in what we do by simply reading and implementing the rare thoughts you communicate, and all we can say is God is so awesome.

There are men, but there are sent men. You are among such class of being God sent to do uncommon things in this generation. We are not in confusion about the place you are headed because the signs you bear are too far strange to the likes of this world. You have taught us that good news sells and nothing compares to that.

You have been accused, blamed, misinterpreted and much more, but your consistency, speed, accuracy, tenacity, commitment and unwavering reaffirmation to this course of using online platform to foster healthy information particularly to the glory of the father and the church, bring tears down all our faces.

You are a man of honour, wisdom, faith and conviction. Through you and this platform you gave to the world, hundreds of thousands are constantly blessed and inspired always, around the world.

From the heart of Africa ‘Nigeria’ to Australia, America, Asia, Europe and Pacific, somebody’s life and destiny has been altered for good because you took the pain when everyone was at funfair and sleeping and fasted from sleep and comfort to ensure you scripted those precious thoughts from the Holy Spirit, networked our global team to research and gather those lifting and informative news that brought hope to a world dominated by dilapidating media contents.

In a little over a year, over 1 Million people across 135 countries in 6 continents are reached by IWAB, creating opportunity for each of us to be part of this global fighting force in defense of the truth of the gospel and impact of the church.

On this day, we stand in awe of who you are and what you do. We celebrate the goodness, grace, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, favour and glory of God upon, and at work in your life. We are excited and most happy that you were born this day. You are truly a LEGEND and we say Happy Birthday Sir (Aquinas) our DIAMOND.

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At mid day, join us here to hook up with Aquinas in a 60-minute live chat with the global family, as he pours out the fresh thoughts from the Spirit of God to us on THE MAN, HIS PRESENCE AND HIS INFLUENCE. Is a season of impact and blessing for you!

Time: 12:00PM GMT
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