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Welcome to Global News ‘Inside Africa’ on influence, from our International Desk, I am Sandi Panli. In focus today, is the timeless prophetic prediction about Nigeria made by the world’s Gospel Music Legends Dr. Ron Kenoly During his recent visit to the Giant of Africa ‘Nigeria. Read the bomb!


International gospel artiste, composer and evangelist, Ron Kenoly, on Sunday, predicted that Nigeria would emerge one of the greatest nations on earth in future.

Kenoly and his wife, Diana, featured at the first Sunday Service at the Aso Rock Chapel where the cleric, Pastor Joseph Malomo, declared six days of fasting each month for God’s intervention in the affairs of the country.

The US-born artiste noted in a brief speech before rendering some indigenous gospel tunes that Nigerians should not regret the disappointments of their leaders in its 55 years of nationhood.

According to him, Nigeria is a young country when compared with older democracies.

He said when the United States was 55 years old, it was the “most corrupt, vile and violent nation on earth” and busy with slave trading.

“The whole world is looking at you now because the whole resources of the world are in the continent of Africa and Nigeria is the leader of the continent.

“I see you becoming one of the greatest nations in the world. The future of wealth in the world is in Africa. Your strength, salvation and exultation as a country will not come from politics, not economy but from God,” he declared.

Kenoly, however, said that the nation needed prayers now as righteousness exalts a nation.

He said that the way to reach the forward line was to build the country in such a way that the whole world would look up to the country as the light through religion.

The 71-year-old artiste called on Nigerians, irrespective of their religious backgrounds, to be steadfast in prayer for the nation.

He said that Nigeria is one of the most resourceful and prayerful nations in the world and the God will not abandon the country.
Source: Nigeria Tribune

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