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Welcome to World News on influence, I am Joe Phil. In focus today 18th September is the birthday commemoration of a world hero-Rev. Ken Oyakhilome. From our international virtual studio Washington DC , we bring you a legendary tribute in honor of the Superman on his birthday.

It is the birthday of a 7-star general and one of the greatest world influencers alive. Ladies and Gentle men, join us to celebrate a BLW international Director, the Regional Pastor of Christ Embassy United State, and a Member of the Central Executive Council of the worldwide ministry Believers LoveWorld Inc-Most Esteemed Rev. Ken Oyakhilome. Read below #IWAB’s tribute to our world hero!

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If Diamonds dangle, then you are the glitter of Celestial Glory. If gold is bright, then you are a superlative reflection of divinity.

Words are not very eloquent at describing this Super Phantom not made of a technological intelligence, but born of a Sacred word according to the order of Abraham.

With halo on your head, you dance only to the songs composed by the Spirit. You are a Yookos alive in body and a rhapsody of ecclesiastical treasury.

Your persona is furnished with the aesthetics of LoveWorld, and the blessedness of Christ in you has recreated our world, and much more, brought many into their promised land.

Your praying the right way and understanding of how to pray effectively, have turned you into an inspiring factor within your sphere of expression and around the world.

Your audacity of faith brings healing from heaven and creates atmosphere for miracle to every thirsty soul.

‘Your not stopping here and luxuriant confidence at the gates of Zion have demonstrated your mastery of how to make faith work as a key note to many around the world.

Again and again, in my interior romance with thoughts, I have come to know that truly you are a topical compendium in the acts of the word and an effulgence of the Seven Spirits of God.

Since you joined this Chariot, you have helped many experience the higher life.

Always resplendent in your appearing and carrying characteristic ambience of divine glory, you bring hope, joy and smiles every now and then to the world.

This day, we join the host of angels and the saints of God to celebrate a living legend of hope, an Icon of faith, a superstar extraordinaire, a man of God par excellence, a professor of style and an X-Factor in Celestial expressions.

Happy Birthday Reverend Sir. You are always loved and forever treasured. More grace and increase Sir. We love you!

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