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“Rhapsody of Realities Defies Global Inflation and Economic Recession”
The best seller and No 1 daily devotional guide authored by Pastor and His wife, and popularly described as “The Messenger Angel, No 1 Book in the world only second to the Bible and More than a Devotional Guide” is in its 15th year in print. The book since the premiere edition has maintained ever widening circulation and readership base beyond any known scenario. Being the most translated and distributed devotional guide in the world, multiple millions of copies of this classic have been distributed in all the known Nations and Islands of the world and translated in over 571 languages of the world making the best seller a timeless mystery to the global print media industry experts.

As a Messenger Angel, sequel to the Bible, it has been the most visible, engaging and touching medium of spreading the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with the most fascinating and sophisticated media technology, standards and professionalism, and the most practical life changing tool that cuts across all walks and spheres of life; breaking down language, political, religious, cultural, racial, and geographical barriers since modern history of the Church. 

Rhapsody of Realities through the years, has not only created access for an advanced, enriched quality of life for its operational workforce, but also continues to provide profound and loud platforms to champion nation building especially; the all encompassing “Reach out Campaigns” around the world which is designed to commemorate remarkable dates in the history of nations of the world, bringing hope, peace, unity, healing, help and welfare engineered by the gospel to the people of the world. For example; at the 2014 FIFA world Cup in Brazil, several millions of copies of the book were distributed to every single soul that attended the live viewing of the global soccer competition across the stadia throughout the nation of Brazil everyday, and countless testimonies poured in from around the world consequent upon such a noble course. This is one of the landmarks attributable to this timeless gift to the world.


Still ahead, the mind blowing reality is: inflation/economic recession is a global phenomenon and has become more visible in occurrence and impact since 21st century. No natural mind can deny the disastrous implications of this economic cancer especially the great fall of wall street at the peak of same in 2008 and the attendant ripple effects. Rhapsody of Realities made debut in the year 2000 and the first copies sold at NGN150 (currency of Nigeria the parent country), and in its equivalence to other global currencies. By every economic standards and financial practises in the world, no brand has maintained its original price after years of operation including global premium brands such as Microsoft, IBM, Apple, MacDonald, Coca Cola and others which have undergone several price reviews only on upscaling direction. A few years ago, the Author of this Book, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome PhD, having gathered data from around the world only made a shocking revelation during his global conference when he said “Rhapsody of Realities” is the only material in the world that has maintained the same price it first sold at after several years in print. But today that insight by the Iconic Author is not only trending, but also a naked truth.

Beyond that, most brands are downsizing just to survive the harsh inflationary and recessional rate of the global economy, but the story is different for this life transforming piece Rhapsody of Realities. This is because the author and the book are not sourced by the world’s economic system but God almighty. What a mystery to the world yet a norm to the one who is of the Spirit!

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