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Welcome to Secret Camera on influence, I am Joe Phil. Today, we debut a sensational program that showcases the true story and impact of young men and women in our world, and inspiring you to rise from that odd and be the difference that matters. On the Spot today, is the Iconic and multi talented brand expert, event guru, online journalist and the vibrant host of influence blog Aquinas Cosmas. If you think you know this amazing personality; though multifaceted but one of the toughest, fast growing online journalists in our time, wait until you find out a little more as encapsulated in this breath taking episode of your no.1 gospel entertainment gist. Read and enjoy!

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         …his image, his name & his influence

Aquinas Cosmas is a dynamic young man with multi talents and vast knowledge. First, he is a devout christian with practical demonstration of absolute faith in God and the gospel of Jesus Christ, having met Jesus in a very spectacular event at the age of 12. He is a leader in Christ Embassy and one of the Spiritual sons of Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome PhD. His career and business interest spans Motivational Speaking, Talk Show, Presenting, Event Engineering, Marketing, Consulting, Brand Management/Corporate Communication, Product Distribution, Modelling, Online Journalism, and Publishing . He holds a bachelor degree in Geography and Environmental Management, majoring in Meteorology from Imo State University. In 2015, he launched a 24 hour christian blog channel ( from Africa which  reaches over 50,000 online audience on daily basis in 70 Countries across 5 continents of the world including America and United Kingdom and still counting, with qualitative christian programming and contents.

During his undergraduate years in the University, Aquinas contributed immensely to the lives of tens of thousands of students, the university system and beyond through publications, events, advocacy programs and gospel campaigns. Having allied with a team of exceptional young people on campus, he co-founded a journalism listeners’ club for Voice of America (VOA) making them a south eastern Nigeria Regional Campus correspondents to this world’s famous radio corporation. This engagement established a link between some arms of the University college he studied under and VOA, making him and his team celebrity students on campus.

Not leaving any stone unturned, in 2008 whilst undergoing his compulsory 9 months industrial training program, he embarked on a research that changed the course of his journey in his Department of study. On the research, he investigated ‘the waste generation life of urban dwellers’ where he collected different waste samples from different city-wide residential zones and following series of experiments at the laboratory, postulated thus “Human Quality of Life Can be Ascertained Using Their Waste Fossils”. This work which he defended before 2 renowned academic professors and 3 academic doctors saw him to the top of his academic game, making him the Best Performing SIWES student at the time and has been documented to his credit, further review and resource benefits of concerned persons.

On the contemporary, one success after another, with his team they birthed a campus media publication “Campus Starlight” an independent news that reached 100,000 students on campus in 4 years, and a journalism club “Gem-Star Press”, making them the first and only officially recognized press outfit which the entire university authorities leveraged on for internal and external information dissemination. This achievement, which attracted profound special recognitions, turned Aquinas and his team into first class student-citizens of the school to the point that their works attracted the state government’s attention and corporate sponsorship from ABC Transport Group; a business relationship that lasted for nearly four years. Expanding his early career, as a special Adviser to the University’s Student Union Government, Aquinas became a brand name and ventured into enterprise entertainment particularly; with the passion to curb certain ills thereof. During this period, he became a managing partner and resource person to many campus beauty pageants and fashion shows such as Miss Imsu, Miss Campus, Face of Gemsa, Miss Universities Nigeria, etc. Following these, he received external offers on similar roles in the planning, marketing and execution of many fashion shows and beauty pageant contests with state, regional, national and continental reach and presence in those years, e.g. Uwenja Fashion Show, Miss Heartland, Miss Imo, etc. However, During these times, he worked with some top African Designers such as DHabri Kechy-HDK (his close friend till date), Zalima Creation, etc.

He has written and edited for many magazines and News Papers such as Star Dust, Exquisite Magazine, South-Arabian News Paper, Campus Menu, etc. He was at a point spotted by many corporate and government related groups such as National Youth Council of Nigeria, National Youth Festival of Arts and Culture, House of Dhabri Kenchy (HDK) (Nigeria and South Africa), where he advised onboard as an Event and Media Consultant. Amazingly, in his time in modeling and pageant events, he preaches and fights against the popular and unpopular ills and ensures self value and discipline. Using God’s word as his strength and inspiration, he posits that you can be the best in the industry without soiling your garments; a mentality he communicates to his team members and  models.

At the take up of his NYSC call; a mandatory one year national service scheme undergone by Nigerian Graduates, he secured the consent of the state coordinator of the scheme and with his friend; Jofrancis, floated and hosted for a successful one year a weekly radio program “Corpers’ Diary” on Eko 89.75fm Lagos State. A program that heralds the activities of NYSC and nation building reaching more than 3 million audience weekly. The show as at his time featured top personalities and entertainment superstars resulting in tremendous growth and public sensitization of the scheme and the show has become a sustainable dream till date providing platform for internship to young graduates who seek a career in broadcasting through his consistent advisory support sequel to his hand over to the succeeding sets. Aquinas and Jofrancis did a welcome back season on the show in 2013 but as celebrity guests following the special invite of the station’s management. Until 2013, He was a regular guests on some TV and radio programs including “Day Time” on LTV- DSTV where he advocated “peace and nation building” particularly the early days of post election violence in his country in 2011 and 2012.

Currently, he is the CEO of Delaquine Services; a 21st century outfit, with core interests in brand communication, retail chain store, industrial cleaning, event creation, supply, and distribution, enjoying his over 8 years of event expertise, content creation, concept development and strategic marketing intelligence/experience. Delaquine has an ever widening clientele base and is the brand consultant to Cedartone Record Label, Hope Builders Foundation Nigeria,Twin Image Concept and others. Evolving in his field and ministry, he hopes to take the gospel round the world through strategic financing, crusades, conferences, publishing, talk shows, healing services, mass media evangelism, mission trips and so much more. He seeks to build the world’s largest, biggest, strongest and richest business conglomerate, including blog channels and social networks.

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