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Welcome to Historic Secret on influence, I am Jennifer Jones.#Historicsecret is a special series on secret camera zone, where we bring you monumental insights around men and women who have shaped the world through times and seasons, and x-ray their lives, struggles, exploits and testimonies as inspiration to challenge the new dawn in our time. Join me today as I take you through same on the lives of Four of the most influential Preachers and Evangelists of all time that ever lived.


The Great Apostle of Faith

Undoubtedly, the greatest demostration of faith ever demonstrated by a human being , hands down has to go to the greatest apostle of Faith ever, Smith Wigglesworth. Smith Wigglesworth, is said to have raised people from the dead. Not once, but 23 times during his ministry. Smith Wigglesworth will always be known for his great healing ministry.

Smith Wigglesworth, was born June 8, 1859 to very poor parents, in Menston England. His father worked hard to feed his family , making very little money for his labor. His mother pulled turnips , and Smith often worked with her. Young Smith, became a born again christian at 8 yrs. old. His parents weren’t christians but they often attended the Methodist church. Smith, married a Salvation Army Preacher, by the name of Polly Featherstone, on May 2, 1882. Smith Wigglesworth was illiterate . His wife Polly, taught him how to read. Smith learned how to read the Bible. The Bible, was the only reading material he allowed in his home. Smith, and his wife Polly, had one daughter, and four sons. Smith was a plumber by trade, but soon abandoned it after he became a full time Preacher.

His Healing Ministry Begins

From a very young age, Smith Wigglesworth had a deep yearning for God. He would always pray, asking God to heip in certain situations.When Smith, was 20 yrs. old he moved to Liverpool , and the power of God came on him. He soon developed a desire in his heart to help people. He would often visit the sick , in the hospitals. He gathered together young people, in the ship yards, and docks and would preach the gospel to them. Many were saved. One morning Smiths’ children were very sick, so he and Polly, laid hands on them and prayed. In an instant they were healed. This is when Smith’s Wigglesworth faith, really blossomed, seeing the mighty power of God. Smith Wigglesworth, and his wife Polly vowed to eachother that they would never call for a physician. They would always rely on God for divine healing. Smith had great compassion for the sick and needy, which he demonstrated through out his life. God was getting ready to do great miracles through his servant, Smith Wigglesworth. Nobody knew just what a commotion , would be stirred up by this great man of God. Not even Smith, was ready for what was about to happen in his life. One day he was asked to preach at a church, in the regular preachers abscence. He was quite reluctant to do so but they insisted. To Smith’s amazment, preaching the Word of God came quite naturally to him. Many were healed that day as well. A man who was crippled with crutches was instantly healed. This was the beginning of a great healing ministry.

Divine Visitations

Smith Wigglesworth was said to be visited by Jesus, himself. At many of his healings he would see Jesus Christ in the room. In particular , there was a woman , who lay dying in bed. This woman was gravely ill, and the doctors gave her no chance of surviving. But, Smith went to see her, and prayed for her. Before he prayed for her “Jesus Christ” appeared at the foot of the bed, and gave Smith a smile. Who wouldn’t have great faith seeing “Jesus Christ” in the room. Smith knew instantly this woman would recover. This woman was healed, and went on to raise many children.

Smith Wigglesworths faith is tested

Now Smith, and his wife had vowed to eachother that they would never call a physician. One day Smith was taken with a great pain in his side, and it only got worse. Smith, and his wife immediately began to pray. As Smith lay dying in bed, his wife had no choice but to call a physician to see her husband. They had prayed all night and their was no change in his condition. The doctor had confirmed their worst fears. Smith had suffered an appendicitis attack. Their was no hope. All they could do is keep Smith comfortable and wait for him to die. It was way too advanced for him to have an operation , and he was very weak. Smith’s wife called for some friends to come and pray for her husband. They immediatly came and this particular woman, believed all sickness was brought on by the devil. She immediately cast the devil out of Smith, and he was instantly healed.

Raising The Dead

Probably the one thing Smith Wigglesworth is remembered by, is having great faith even to raise the dead. A dear friend since his boyhood lie dying in bed, and Smith was called. When he arrived his friend was already dead. Smith was deeply overcome with emotion, and began to cry out to God to bring his friend back from the dead. The dead man instantly opened his eyes. By this time the great healing Preacher, was traveling all over the world holding revival meetings. One time a woman was dead, and Smith carried her and put her dead body up against a wall , and rebuked death in the name of Jesus, and instantly life returned into the woman, and she was healed of all illness.

The Death Of the Great Apostle of Faith

It is not known exactly what happened that fateful day, Smith Wigglesworth went home to be with the Lord. He was said to be attending a funeral of one of his fellow preachers, when he suddenly bowed his head and went on to his reward. Smith Wigglesworth , The Great Apostle of Faith died on May 12, 1947 very peacfully, at the ripe old age of 87. Their will never be another man like Smith Wigglesworth, and their has never been to this day.



Before Joyce Meyer , there was Sister Aimee

Aimee Elizabeth Kennedy was born on October 9, 1890 in Salford, Ontario Canada. Her father, was a farmer, and her mother Mildred, worked at the Salvation Army feeding people in the soup kitchens. It was through her mother, that Aimee would get her exposure to religion. Even at a young age, Aimee would gather her dolls together and pretend that they were her congregation. While still in high school, Aimee would question Darwins theory of evolution.

Aimee Begins Her Career

In December 1907, she met a Pentecostal missionary from Ireland, while attending a revival meeting. His name was Robert James Semple. She converted to a Pentecostal , and married Robert Semple on August 12, 1908. They then set out to evangelize the world together. While in Hong Kong China, Aimee and her husband Robert both contracted malaria. Aimee recovered , but her husband did not. He died on August 19, 1910. She soon gave birth to her daughter Roberta Star Semple, on September 17, 1910. Not long after her daughters birth, Aimee returned home to the United States. Soon after Aimees return to the United States, she began to work with her mother Mildred, at the Salvation Army in New York. It was there she was to meet her second husband, Harold Stewart McPherson. The couple married and had a son, Rolf Potter Kennedy McPherson. In 1913, Aimee started having tent revival meetings in the United States, and Canada. Aimee drew large crowds at these meetings. She would often give sermons from the back seat of a 1912 Packard touring car, with a megaphone in her hand. With Aimees busy schedule, coming between her and husband, soon he filed for divorce. Soon Aimee, was preachiing over radio.

The Foursquare Gospel Church

Aimee, weary from her travels settied down in Los Angeles California. Aimee continued to travel to raise money to build a large church, where people could come to hear the gospel preached. Aimee,raised more money then she thought and plans were set into motion for the building of a megachurch. Where the masses could come to gather and hear the foursquare gospel.

Angelus Temple

On January 1, 1923 Aimees dream came true, and Angelus Temple was dedicated. A huge dome shaped church with a seating capacity of 5,300 people. The church eventually became The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, which focused on Christ character, that he was Savior, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, Healer and King. Aimee often used props for her sermons, and incoporated her own life experiences into her sermons. She would often demonstrate the gift of speaking in tongues, and Healing at her services. Pentacostalism, wasn’t very popular in the United States in the 1920’s so Aimee avoided saying the word.

Aimees Death

On September 26, 1944 Aimee went to Oakland California to preach her popular “Story of My Life” sermon. Aimees son Rolf, found Aimee unconcious in her hotel room at ten the next morning. She had taken an overdose of sleeping pills, that she had taken to help her with some other health problems. Aimee Semple McPherson, died on September 27, 1944 from an overdose of sleeping pills, and kidney failure. She was only 53, yrs old. Her son Rolf, took over her ministry until he passed away in 2009, at the age of 96.



We will never forget this awesome man of God
By Copyright by Barron Fredricks, NYC. D11791 U.S. Copyright Office. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Dwight Lyman Moody was born in Northfield Massuchusetts on Feb 5, 1857. Dwight Moody wasn’t an educated man infact, his formal education ended in the fifth grade. He left his parents farm at age 17, hoping to find employment in Boston. His hopes of finding employment were dashed quickly. Dwight turned to his uncle for employment in his Shoe store. His uncle in order to keep his nephew, out of trouble required young Dwight to join Mt. Vernon Congretional Church. Dwight Moody, became part of a Sunday School class, taught by Edward Kimball. Fate would have it that on April 21, 1855, Kimball visited the shoe-store where Moody worked ,and in the stockroom of the shoe store he led him to Christ.


in 1857, Moody got involved with the (YMCA) Young Mans Christian Association. At first he was a janitor, and then he became a city Missionary for them. Moody, had a desire in his heart to reach the way-ward youth of the city. Moody started to teaching Sundy School to these children, and his Sunday School soon began to grow. On February 28, 1864 the Illinois Street Church, opened its doors, with Dwight Moody as Pastor. Still Dwight Moody wasn’t quite satisfied. He had a calling from the Lord to travel all over the world and preach the gospel.

Called to Evangelize The World

In October of 1871, the great Chicago fire destroyed Dwight Moody’s home, his Sunday School, and his church. Dwight L. Moody was known for pioneering evangelism techniques, that we still have today. He was the first one to have a gospel soloist sing at his church. He was also the first one to have a room where the newly converted could repent of their sins. In 1856, Moody started the Bible Work Institute of The Chicago Evangelization Society. It was re-named the( Moody Bible Institute) shortly before his death. Dwight L. Moody preached six sermons a day. Dwight L. Moody loved to spend time with his family, on his Northfield Massachusetts farm. Dwight L. Moody, was truly a Pioneer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He accomplished much in his short life time. On December 22, 1899 Dwight Lyman Moody, at the age of just 62 passed away. Its still unclear of what he died of , but some say it was congestive heart failure. Dwight Moody gave us a picture of what heaven might look like when he slipped in and out of concienceness , just hours before his death. He said, ” He had been within the gates of Heaven, and had seen his loved ones calling them all by name, as he described what he had experienced. Dwight L. Moody will never be forgotten for his undying love, and many contributions he made to society.



Truly one of the greatest preachers who ever lived
By American Eagle (Wikipedia (public domain)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Evangelist, and Preachers have been around for a long time. Before their was Joel Osteen, and Joyce Meyer , their was Charles Spurgeon, and Kathryn Kuhlman. These are some of the great fore-fathers, and mothers of the christian faith. Way back when, before their ever was such thing as a televangelist, there were old fashioned tent meetings, and roadside Holy Ghost Revival meetings. There were no mega-churches, and no preacher had his own building. A preachers pulpit was an old wooden platform, and his church was anywhere he could find to preach the gospel. Many times by the road-side and traveling from town, to town.

Holy Ghost Revival Meetings

What is Holy Ghost revival? It’s when the Manifestions of the Holy Spirit show up at a meeting, or service. It’s like what happened at Azusa St. when everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit, and began speaking and praying in tongues. In revival meetings God shows up in a mighty way, with super natural healings, and people being delivered from evil spirits, and delivered and set free from their addicitons. People are slain in the spirit, and many other manifestions of the power of God. The Bible tells us about speaking in tongues in these verses in the book of Acts. Whether you believe in the gift of speaking in tongues or not , the best way is to study the verses in the Bible , and make that determination for yourself. A great Preacher once said, “When you hear a sermon, you have to chew on the hay , and spit out the sticks” How true that is.

Charles Spurgeon

He never attended Theology school, or a seminary, but Charles Haddon Spurgeon was preaching by the age of twenty-one. He preached to large crowds of ten thousand or more. Everyone wanted to hear Charles Spurgeon preach. Charles Haddon Spurgeon is said to be one of the greatest preachers that ever lived. Charles Haddon Spurgeon, was born on June 19, 1834, in a quaint little village in England. Young Charles, at six years old was said to be advanced in his mental development. Charles,a ten years old, would often times ask questions , that would perplex his father, at Family Bible reading time. When Charles was only ten years old, a prophecy was spoken over his life , that he would preach the gospel, to thousands. Young Charles, even at a very young age, had a hunger, an a thirst for God. Charles was baptized on May 3, 1851 on his mothers birthday. He was sixteen years old. Charles Spurgeon first preached in a small cottage. His popularity spread, and his preaching venues grew larger, and larger. In 1861, Metropolitan Tabernacle was opened and Rev Charles Spurgeon , held his first service , in his own church building. The great tabernacle held 5,000 people. Charles Spurgeon wrote beautiful poems, and countless sermons. His love for Jesus was seen in every piece of his work. Charles Spurgeon’s life was plagued with recurrent illness. It was often thought that Mr. Spurgeon simply over worked himself into poor health. In the years before his death, Charles was often quite ill at times, taking months, and sometimes years to recover from his sickness. His death came at the very young age of fifty-seven, on January 31, 1892 at 15 minutes before midnight. Charles Haddon Spurgeon will always be remembered for his great preaching, and devotion to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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