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                           …how choices and decisions affect our future!

Recently, I found myself making a connecting appointment within the City at a late night hour. I had boarded a City shuttle Bus and the usual thing with this medium of land movement particularly in a metropolitan city such as mine is “Stopping at different junctions and bus stops to either pick passengers or have onboard commuters disembark”.

Few moment on the journey, the driver pulled over by the side to let the norm take its course and suddenly a man popped into the vehicle as a passenger and in the instance, a woman in an attire that seemed like that which can only be used doing home chores, came by the bus and beckoned on another passenger to let her have her way in. Whilst that negotiation went on, the man who hopped in began to yell at this supposed above 45 years old woman. They were husband and wife. Eventually every other person inside withdrew, letting them resolve their family matter. However, the condition worsened as we continued the journey with two supposedly former love birds punch themselves with vocal blows over differences which seemed like a mystery to all particularly as they never gave room for third part intervention, even though they infringed on our right of peace which our pay time on the journey afforded us.

Finally, as we approached the last bus stop, and I watched this supposed “Once In Love” couple disgrace themselves in a very destructive manner, my heart ached in pain and I was torn apart between sympathy and anger with too many questions bombarding my inner man. Then I thought “Who and Where are the parents who gave this people’s hand in marriage, How did they arrive Here, Have they actually come to a point of irreconcilable difference, what kind of choice and decision did they make, Did they embark on this same journey prior to ‘I Do’ and What Future did they plan or prepare for”. In life, We must be able to See the FUTURE of our CHOICES and DECISIONS to be able to take charge of circumstances when things fall apart.

The journey of destiny must not be embarked upon to gratify pity, compensate emotions or trusted into the life that has another mission. What would speed mean on lonely express when you are on the wrong lane. What would location contribute when you have lost your compass. How can a marriage built to fail succeed. How could destiny rated strangers become neighbours how much more companions. What did this couple in the bus do that never helped them miss the mess looming their lives turning them into a disjointed spectacles and tragedy of bliss.

Listen, don’t make a choice or take a decision that you couldn’t envision the end before taking the attendant steps. What you do outside after all, is a mirror into the closed doors. Marriage is beautiful, relationship is awesome, but don’t turn yours into a sour story. What kind of story does your presence or action inspire when your library of life is unveiled, and what kind of water come out when your rock which is your character is struck. Before that soup gets soured, don’t miss the sign.

Attention to untreated hurts, unforgiven offences, unspoken tears and uncelebrated cheers can save a lifetime damage. Don’t be like the couple in this story, there is more to gain than count losses. God is in that boat, don’t quit, maybe you need to mend the net to understand the bleeding. Receive strength today to talk it over and watch things work out for you. Just as abuse must not and can not be endured forever, Divorce is not an ideal end of the journey but a new season for episodes of misery with no beautiful end. So what are you going to do. I am not saying the obvious, but If only you could see Jesus in your eyes, and drop the unheard hurts, unexplained trauma and broken hearts, heaven will arise again. Take charge of your will, take ownership of your future!…God bless you!

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How much value do you place on things that matter most in your life, and how far can you go to stay through those moments you don’t wish to end in dreams? How did you feel the first time you ever found love and only true love? Did you ever know how the heart beats when you go through a dark morning and a gloomy day and wondering how to survive the terror of uncertain night, and just about the leak of time when you are considering suicide as the miracle you need to sleep away the pains of heartache and banging brains resulting from the demoralizing feel of ‘there is no love anywhere’, but just in time, as you faced up in the midst of the abyss of your aloneness to see if you could muster strength called “Hope”, a sparkling smile shines through your face with a tender voice that bears nothing but a soothing sound of healing ‘I love You’

Perhaps this is what happens when you suffer loss of a relationship you had invested time and emotion in hoping to get “I Do” in return but until the odd comes staring right in your face…, and now your life is about to come to a hopeless end and you have been messed up so bad, wondering how you got in the dark where there is bright light. Yet, none of these can be compared to the soulical demise and destiny hurricane orchestrated for the man in whom there is no love of Jesus. The question is ‘could you ever be love again’? Emphatically yes! Have you found Jesus? His love knows no end, brings no heartbreak, brings no disappointments, and leaves no unfulfilled promises. Not until you find him, would say “I AM FINALLY IN LOVE”. I have him and he is my Sweet Heart!

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Anasiudu Okwudiri writes:

I must congratulate Buhari’s speech writer for his antithesis evidence in our NEW PRESIDENT’s SPEECH. ”I belong to everybody, I belong to nobody.” for every discourse analyst and stylistician, such is the reminder that the discourse after politics is usually more realistic and careful than what we find during campaign. First, in his address, Buhari succeeded in pointing out the many challenges of our nation: power, insecurity,unemployment, tribalism etc. In this, he stated the obvious. There was nothing new about all of those. But we must salute his acknowledgement of the situation in our nation, and the power supply situation of –4000megawatts at the cost of 20billion maybe naira or dollar….I was struggling to hear the voice well the sound engineers at Abuja may not have noticed the echo, the acoustic problems and interference. Those are still the obvious. However, we must read between the lines, Buhari has said nothing new, nothing new, and before we praise him for reminding us about our problem, let us wait and support him to at least solve one. What caught my attention was his antithesis. For non language majors, it may seem common, but every language student understands the essence of antithesis. Unlike semantic entailments, antithesis are like counter examples and are instruments of linguistic denial, a safety outlet, if all things be not equal. Antithesis defies the rule of a valid statement because of its faulty syllogism.And from every antithesis, the former is important but the latter is most important. ” I belong to everybody, implies that he is our president, he had made promises, we own him, but his seconder ”I belong to nobody destroys and refute his first statement. And he wants us to know that he belongs to nobody. He is on his own, he wants free reign, he wants absolute uncheckmated power. Nobody should interfer. There is so much meaning to be read from that expression. And using an indefinite pronoun of everybody and nobody, he may just be refering to nobody indeed.

Buhari has said nothing.
I expect a blue print. I want him to succeed. I pray he should. Yes we can.

From a critical discourse scrutiny of the same expression, we see a can full of worms and debris.

The deictic placement and lavish provision of the first person pronoun ” I” indicates a personality unveiled at the speech. First it identifies Buhari as the given. Previously, it has been the ”We” voice of the APC, the ”We” voice of the Buhari-Osinbajo team, now it is the ”I”. I know many will wonder: why am I creating a theory and weaving a basket with something as small as ”I”. Buhari my president has arrived. He has followed carefully some of the laws in 48 laws of Power. And now that he is in POWER. He has arrived. He has made no mistake to the common man, but he has said alot. With several rhetorical innuendos and pun he has discredited the Jonathan’s era. And announced himself as a messiah. He has in his bid to overdo also…committed a mistake too. He said ”he will work to recover or rescue the Chibok girls alive”. That is a presidential mistake. He does not even have their details, he does not know where or if they are alive, unless by implication, he has been in conversation and has seen them, and where they are. Do I want the girls back? Yes I do. Are they still alive, healthy, pregnant, married? Those I know not.
I am very much concerned. Because , a president must not give false hope. A president is not a magician. A president should speak objectively.
I sincerely wish Buhari well. And this piece is my own small way of electoral scrutiny and constructive criticism.
And as a nation, as a citizen, we owe this nation the duty to express ideas with respect too. I will wait for his address to the nation at large, I will wait also, for his blue print. And fighting corruption, which has become a mantra for him is not a good vision. Obasanjo fought corruption and corruption defeated him. Because we do not know where corruption is. But we can create a reliable system to signal and arrest its presence. So my new president should not fight corruption. A system should fight its corruption, not an individual. So Buhari should build a system. Just like Jonathan had started and laid some foundation.

What I want from Buhari:
1: A robust plan for our education.
2. A massive infrastructural campaign
3. Continuation of the independent power plan, and invitation of new players, private sectors to our power industries.
4. A true federal constitution
5. A nuclear program, and an alternative source of power supply.
6. Privatisation of Railway coporation with government supervision and shares.
I will stop here. Maybe after three years in office I will introduce more.

And I will support him, because he is my president.

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