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Welcome to Breaking News ‘International Focus’ on influence, I am Tamera Bowling. Everyday, we swing round the world to bring your trending news and updates through investigative field-force. From the popular to rarely reported events we shock you with the real gist as they happen. In focus today is the testimony of healing miracle experienced by our CEO, and seasoned Host Aquinas Cosmas in his encounter with the world Renowned Televangelist Rev. Chris Oyakhilome PhD, DSc, DD. You will leap with joy and faith as you worship God in deep emotions. Stay tuned!



In June 2015, I began to feel some warmth in my two arms, but I regarded that as effect of stress. Considering the fact that I had used the word of God which Pastor Chris Oyakilome PhD raised me with to function in divine health for about 10 years, I didn’t give the feeling any significant thought. You see, when you are a threat to the devil and his kingdom, you are automatically his high target. But Jesus had told us what we can do to the devil

However, as time progressed particularly after our annual International Cell Leaders Conference with my man of God in that year, the condition had progressed to a severe consistent hot flashes all over my body with hash hotness inside my duodenum and intestine as though I had injury. As at this time, I hadn’t engaged any form of supposed spiritual actions, then several months later, I went to the doctor who diagnosed me of having been affected with a Severe Peptic Ulcer; a case in which my small and large intestine, duodenum and internal walls of my chest had severe injuries as a result of the degree of the Ulcer.

It became obvious that my lifestyle and vocations were going to change for some while and strict medical surveillance put on me to ensure quick healing. The best of medications and procedure of treatment was suggested and administered over a period since I could afford it. But somehow, I knew it wasn’t just the Ulcer. The devil had a had in it. How could I have enjoyed divine health for 10 years only to have Ulcer afterwards? Impossible I said. I am born again and a Son of Pastor Chris and I understand who I am and where I am in God’s scheme of things. My rights in Christ are more than real to me. For the true child of God who is involved in kingdom business, before need arises, the provision is made according to My resident pastor Pastor Dr. Olugbenga Olusanya.

In this case, God had a provision which was the June Session of Healing School with Pastor Chris in Lagos Nigeria. Without much ado I registered, because my oasis was here. God instructed me to go and I heeded. Prior to this time, I had engaged the working of the word, seed sowing and prevailing prayers which strengthened me in opposition to the supposed impact of the condition and set in motions my miracle. Often when I spoke with my Doctor, she would say; what is the secret of your ever renewed strength and glowing look in the midst of this kind of condition. I refused to be conditioned by the condition because I live by the word and not blood, I would reply her!


I went through the classes though missed some due to my heavy career/business schedules. However, unknown to anybody, the power of seed provoked grace to grant me access to qualify to be in the healing line. The service that was characterized by avalanche of miracles at the prestigious Loveworld Convocation Arena was a set date for my healing and at that time nothing else mattered other than the encounter I was billed for. Interestingly, every segment of the meeting ministered to me because I knew in my spirit that every encounter with this God in Flesh ‘Pastor Chris’ is something indescribable. The healing was not the big deal. The big deal was much more the transfer of grace for a new level of ministry that I would get once the man of God lays his hand on me. This even mattered more to me than healing which was sure. Life is empty and useless without the anointing. I want to live and enjoy the goodness and blessedness of God and his presence always. Is not just in wealth or material acquisition, but in the supernatural ability to influence the world and change lives that mean more.

Finally, the hour came, the giant of faith and oracle of apostolic wonder had arrived. The wave in the air changed, the atmosphere got even more intense as Pastor Chris stepped in to heal and deliver with so much power beyond human comprehension and semantic explanation. I knew my change had come, my healing was sure. We were taught at the school to get the best from the man of God and make contact with his eyes. This was my lot. On that line I was, the man of God laid hand on me and all I could remember was the surge of power like electric current go through my body. Today, 9 months of Peptic Ulcer gone. What a God we serve. Now ministry is on a new level because what I see my father do, will I also do. It will be outreach after outreach to heal, deliver and change the world beyond what I am already doing. I am thankful to God and Pastor Chris and the partners of the healing school world over. The devil is defeated. Glory to God!


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This testimony is confirmed and was captured live with Aquinas. He was part of the just concluded Christ Embassy Healing School. For more details, call our numbers. IWAB is not liable in any way to the misinterpretation or misappropriation of/by anybody and is not under obligation to offer further explanation other than this in the case of skepticism or individual divergent opinions!

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  1. Good post. I totally agree that if a patient didn’t take proper treatment of Peptic Ulcer Disease then it can become life-threatening, so early diagnosis and workable treatment plan is most important to live a healthy life.


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