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Welcome to Breaking News ‘International Focus’ on influence, I am Tamera Bowling. Everyday, we swing round the world through investigative field-force to bring you the latest and trending updates around the globe. From Peninsula, London, I bring you news on state of great Britain now at the just concluded World Meeting ‘Worship and Communion Service’ with Pastor Chris.


The days of Jesus is much more real than the world itself. According to live experience, unthinkable miracles and healings poured out like avalanche and outlandish rainfall at the O2 Arena. The much anticipated Worship and Communion Service with Pastor Chris at the world’s most sophisticated arena O2 Arena has just been concluded. From Cancer to tumour, mental illness, blindness, lameness, dumbness, and most of all departure of demons from many who were possessed, have landscaped a meeting with the largest live transmission in the whole world. Over 20,000 were onsite, and several millions gathered at different virtual centers across many nations of 7 continents of the world to participate via satellite broadcast and many other channels.

As testimonies poured in from inside and outside the auditorium and from different countries of the world at the same time, the ease and manner of demonstration of the anointing by the man of God beyond sharing message of rapture and the love Jesus demonstrated for mankind, is something beyond human comprehension and media terminological explanation. Indeed the Monarchical colony will never remain the same by the end of this meeting.
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