Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to Breaking News ‘International Focus’ on influence, I am Jonathan Chukwu. Everyday, we swing round the world through investigative field-force to bring you the latest and trending updates around the globe. Today on Crime Report Edition, From Cape Town, I bring you the IWAB CEO’s Address on recent ‘Imposters and Internet Fraud Campaign Issue’. Get the perspective clear!


What we are involved in, is a Vision fuelled by divine insight and instruction. Since inception, IWAB has maintained a standard in carrying out its activities without self seeking ambition. Our mandate is to spread good news only both in perspective and context leveraging all professional tools and social capital networks available to us. The platform boasts of a network of online journalists from different parts of the world and we are engaged actively in bringing right perspectives to all that are happening around the world without defamation, gossips or other ill rated practises.

We research using investigative field force to gather our news and rely also on divine insight and discretion in all that we do. We are not interested in bad news, tabloids, gossips, politics and all of such reports that pollute human minds. However, we have been receiving several pressures and partnership offers from different groups and individuals around the world to use our platform for such, but we know who we are and whose we are.

Graciously, we are growing everyday and will continue to do that within the pace God gives us. Some folks I don’t want to mention yet from Nigeria, South Africa, Far Europe, USA and London via Chats, SMS, Emails and Calls have accused us of being paid and engineered by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, DSc, DD as his official blogger, since we only talk about his success and shy away from discussing his wrongs they said; (sorry, we are not aware he has any wrong), and others have also unsuccessfully tried to incriminate our publications about him and other ministers around the world. Some beyond this, tag us with and on many pornographic videos and images. To say the former, that sounds like flattering anyway. Pastor Chris is my Spiritual Father and Life coach. I owe him all that I am in life only second to God (I know, I am in trouble here). When we publish things about him and his ministry, we do that in all sincerity of purpose and that is our perspective, and that of millions too. He didn’t hire or pay us and will never do that. We are blessed enough for telling the whole world about his goods only. We owe nobody apology about our choice of reporting his good and also we say categorically that imposters should not also take advantage of our publications about him to mislead anybody.

Every report from us, undertake usual media standards but much more take on perspective of faith, reflecting our identity and our purpose. We reach out to other notable platforms and individuals to source for contents to and we share our contents also. We may not satisfy everybody, but doing what we are called to do is much more important. Along the line, there could be technical faults which we must always work hard to correct where it occurs and is necessary, but accepting what is not is non negotiable for us.

For those of you who have decided to deface our work of ensuring that only good news is promoted in a world with so much publications on evil and darkness, throw your best shorts if you like, but know your boundaries. We are a full gospel media, entertainment and ministry platform yet with business sides.

We don’t involve in frauds or allow third party to carry out any financial activity on our behalf. Yes there is internet hacking everywhere and we are working hard to put IWAB at a point where such experience will not be effective anymore especially after many hawks have made several attempts on hacking our platform.

I hereby speak to address this: On no account should you listen to anybody telling you to donate money to our platform. If there are also news update or posts not very suitable at all which you know, regarding financial matters or any other defamatory issues associating with us, kindly ignore and notify us please. We can never at anytime mislead our followers or beg for money. We have channels of spreading any dealing on financial transaction which is only on paid adverts, interviews and campaigns. See below fraudsters’ ecard.

Please, disregard this ecard and any other uncensored materials


There is a recent agenda by imposters and fraudsters to frustrate our works through all of such practises and any other not mentioned here. Please our readers take note and also be our watch too. We love you and you mean more to us…
Aquinas Cosmas
June 2nd, 2016.

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