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Welcome to Secret Camera on influence, I am Joe Phil. Today, we bring you yet another interesting edition of our sensational program that showcases the true story and impact of young men and women in our world, and inspiring you to rise from that odd and be the difference that matters.

On the Spot today, is the Iconic and multifaceted Christian youth leader, a dynamic banker, a man of success, a trail blazer, very astute and sagacious Enterpreneur, Master of Ceremony, a fast rising gospel entertainer who has anchored over 300 events including MTN Gala Night in Nigeria and Beyond. This time, we got his love story and secret plans covered just for your thrill. If you think all about this amazing personality, is Microphone Artistry, think again. In this insightful episode of your no.1 gospel entertainment HotSpot. Read and enjoy!

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Life seems to be taking a different dimension for the Afro Centric Gospel MC ‘Emmy Icon’, but this time around, it is neither Owambe (a Yoruba Parlance For Party) nor anchoring his 301 events since his appearance on the Nigerian Entertainment Scene. We are talking about that kind of change that is not synonymous with a political mantra, but the kind that changes a man’s Title and Lifestyle. You will not hear it from my mouth,…no advert payment yet. However, this ‘Microphone Prowess’ with Prolific Oratory Artistry was spotted at an event recently somewhere Lagos Nigeria, and this picture poses a lot of questions only the Ceremony Mouth-Piece Star can answer. We hope to bring that answer as soon as we get him to respond.

But to shock you, when #SecretCamera beamed its’ signal on this Icon, his spokesperson circumvented but whispered: The man has found his heart-rob, I mean this damsel hanging out with him is his ‘Wanna Be Queen’ (name not be mentioned yet). But please I must not loose my job he said. Please and please, whoever knows MC Emmy Icon should not tell him this side of the story to save somebody’s job…hahahaha (heart giggling).

According to #SecretCamera, MC Emmy Icon seems to be making his long unpopular relationship with his fiancee’, which has passed the families’ consent and friends’ support now open considering the fact that something may be about to happen!…wondering when. Somebody give the lord a big haaaaaannnnnnnd! He was single…now something may be about to…do what?…find out in our next edition of #SecretCamera. I love you all.

Now a production of Astron Poetry, 2016 in Association with IWAB. Many Thanks to our Proud Sponsors: Delaquine Superstore, Cedertone Entertainment Concept Ltd, Green Olive Media Ltd and E-TronicsHub, Dubai. #SecretCamera 2016

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