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                           …how choices and decisions affect our future!

Recently, I found myself making a connecting appointment within the City at a late night hour. I had boarded a City shuttle Bus and the usual thing with this medium of land movement particularly in a metropolitan city such as mine is “Stopping at different junctions and bus stops to either pick passengers or have onboard commuters disembark”.

Few moment on the journey, the driver pulled over by the side to let the norm take its course and suddenly a man popped into the vehicle as a passenger and in the instance, a woman in an attire that seemed like that which can only be used doing home chores, came by the bus and beckoned on another passenger to let her have her way in. Whilst that negotiation went on, the man who hopped in began to yell at this supposed above 45 years old woman. They were husband and wife. Eventually every other person inside withdrew, letting them resolve their family matter. However, the condition worsened as we continued the journey with two supposedly former love birds punch themselves with vocal blows over differences which seemed like a mystery to all particularly as they never gave room for third part intervention, even though they infringed on our right of peace which our pay time on the journey afforded us.

Finally, as we approached the last bus stop, and I watched this supposed “Once In Love” couple disgrace themselves in a very destructive manner, my heart ached in pain and I was torn apart between sympathy and anger with too many questions bombarding my inner man. Then I thought “Who and Where are the parents who gave this people’s hand in marriage, How did they arrive Here, Have they actually come to a point of irreconcilable difference, what kind of choice and decision did they make, Did they embark on this same journey prior to ‘I Do’ and What Future did they plan or prepare for”. In life, We must be able to See the FUTURE of our CHOICES and DECISIONS to be able to take charge of circumstances when things fall apart.

The journey of destiny must not be embarked upon to gratify pity, compensate emotions or trusted into the life that has another mission. What would speed mean on lonely express when you are on the wrong lane. What would location contribute when you have lost your compass. How can a marriage built to fail succeed. How could destiny rated strangers become neighbours how much more companions. What did this couple in the bus do that never helped them miss the mess looming their lives turning them into a disjointed spectacles and tragedy of bliss.

Listen, don’t make a choice or take a decision that you couldn’t envision the end before taking the attendant steps. What you do outside after all, is a mirror into the closed doors. Marriage is beautiful, relationship is awesome, but don’t turn yours into a sour story. What kind of story does your presence or action inspire when your library of life is unveiled, and what kind of water come out when your rock which is your character is struck. Before that soup gets soured, don’t miss the sign.

Attention to untreated hurts, unforgiven offences, unspoken tears and uncelebrated cheers can save a lifetime damage. Don’t be like the couple in this story, there is more to gain than count losses. God is in that boat, don’t quit, maybe you need to mend the net to understand the bleeding. Receive strength today to talk it over and watch things work out for you. Just as abuse must not and can not be endured forever, Divorce is not an ideal end of the journey but a new season for episodes of misery with no beautiful end. So what are you going to do. I am not saying the obvious, but If only you could see Jesus in your eyes, and drop the unheard hurts, unexplained trauma and broken hearts, heaven will arise again. Take charge of your will, take ownership of your future!…God bless you!

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