Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to Celebration Special on influence. Right here on our international desk, From Cynthia, Pamela Armani, Joe Phil, Collins Morgan, Monica Nwachukwu, Deola Odu, Tamera Bowling and Cleo Morris, we are excited to bring you this special broadcast to celebrate 100,000 global audience hit and 380,000 page views on influencewithaquinas blog (IWAB). Read below the powerful address by IWAB CEO, it will inspire you and also make you cry. Enjoy


Graphics: Shegs Creation, 2016

On the 1st of March, 2015, the Spirit of God guided me carefully and granted me wisdom to create a platform that will herald good news only to touch lives around the world through quality, wholesome and faith-filled programming online, whilst helping many have unlimited access to healthy information,

This timely and riveting Vision led to the creation of influencewithaquinas blog (IWAB) as a platform to connect, share and inspire online audience around the world with information inspired by Exploits of Faith and more. Whether it is Politics, Sports, Christian Event, Business, Finance, Miracles, Academics, Fashion or Entertainment at the time, one thing is certain, and that is; We write, report, give or spread the news only from the Ideal and Wholesome perspectives yet not compromising global media standards, and industry practise/flavor.

We have moved from one man’s team to networking ever widening correspondence base around the world. As our audience base maintain increasing hit, from Africa to Europe, America to Australia and from Pacific down to Asia, Middle East and Beyond, we have independent reporters/online journalists joining us as a strategic team and workforce to research, develop and create original and uncommon contents laced with first class media professionalism. Also, Different programs anchored by many amongst our team from different parts of the world are received by audience in over 120 Countries across 6 continents and still counting.

On this note, we are very excited, challenged but much more grateful to God for his grace so far. We are not mentioning the obvious, but what we are saying is: For helping us Reach 100,000 audience around the world and attracting over 380,000 page views in less than 11 months without selling bad news, pornography or tabloids, You can only be God and nothing else compares to you. Now we will begin the big hit which is reaching 1,000,000 audience as we progress. To all our wonderful fans, family, friends, and guests, thank you for believing in us, you are the best. To my team in Africa, America, Europe, Asia, Pacific and beyond, you rock, I love you and would always do.

In a short while, I will be sending out some special gifts to all of you in celebrating this milestone achievement here on #IWAB. So keep your fingers crossed and to be the first to receive that gift, you will get a bonus. This means; keep visiting per second, who knows when the alert will hit. Thank you all.
Aquinas Cosmas

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