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“I have learnt not to look down on a fellow mortal, except I’m admiring his shoes” — Jonathan

Remarks by His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference,
Atlanta, On Thursday 14th, January, 2016.


I thank the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, for inviting and honoring me today, and especially so, as this invitation comes right about the period when the world stands still in recognition of the selfless sacrifice of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

When we think of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), it is virtually impossible to separate this worthy body from its founder, the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, or from epoch making landmark events of the American Civil Rights movement.

I am pleased to know that the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is not just one of the great American institutions, it is also one of her more potent vehicles for the advancement of liberty and freedom for all God’s people. For that, I also commend Charles Steele for his leadership and commitment to peace and justice nationally and globally.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s principles of non violent protests played a great part in the independence movement in my native country Nigeria and indeed throughout Africa as a whole.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr witnessed the British Union Jack being lowered in Ghana in 1957 when Ghana became the first Sub-Saharan African nation to gain independence, an action which set off a positive chain reaction all over the continent.

In 1963, Ambassador Leslie O. Harriman, Nigeria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, who prosecuted our anti apartheid strategy at the UN, testified of the support he received from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in kick starting that noble effort.

Suffice to say that the efforts of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in advancing Liberty and equal rights transcended national boundaries.

Speaking for my foundation, the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation, I must say that I have been inspired by this great man and the worthy institutions and legacies he left behind and I am further inspired to continuing doing good and advancing human freedoms just by being present here today.

My personal takeaway from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, is service to God and the brotherhood and equality of all men before their Creator.

In keeping with that, I have learnt not to look up to any man, except he is taller than I, or to look down on a fellow mortal, except I am admiring his shoes.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said: “Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love”.

Those words helped me deliver on my stated promise to deepen democracy in Nigeria and in the process demonstrate through action that nobody’s political ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian.

Once again, I thank the Southern Christian Leadership Conference for having me. May God bless you and continue to raise up from among you men and women who will continue in the footsteps of your worthy forebears.



Josiah James
OGA JONA carry go nothing do you any one wet no like you make Keke napep jam am.

Josiah James
Live this man alone, don’t try to course the man that GOD has blessed. Weither you like it or not the man JONATHAN is a blessed me and there is nothing you guys can do about it, all the awards and recognitions is receiving around the world, no president or individual has ever received such?

John Enyinnaya
Works at Nigerian Baptist Convention
The man is gaining more acclaim out of office than when he was in office. That is a true statesman in the making. I wish he continues on this path. Congratulations to Mr GEJ.

Gel Altar Egoh
Events/Predictive Writer, Social Commentator. at Self employed
Me thinks he wanted to testify that while he had no shoes before, he had bought so many shoes now, praise Jah. Howbeit, as important as shoes are to the man J, he did not forget to mention it in his speech. Let Jah be praised.

Latif Mustapha
RN BSN (Registered Nurse Bachelor of Science in Nursing) at Banner Boswell Medical Center
He needs to come clean and explain his role in $2.1 billion arm procurement deal as a true leader and God fearing human being.

Nwadiuto Ifeanyi
Outstanding speech, GEJ is indeed a man to emulate… May God bless you Mr President.

Jonathan Edijala Orife
Works at House Helper
That is my man and a man of all African and not nigeria alone

Toniro Akhas
Owner at Self-Employed
Sir may the God almighty grant u long life. and good follower’s on leadership seats. Everything about you’ll always remain in my mind and inspired me. I love u sir. Goodluck Jonathan. Hero for life

Ojuyenum Osowom Princess Precious
Good one sir

Sam Ifeanyi Ogbole
Enugu State University of Science and Technology – ESUT
This is really touching wow it left me speechless GEJ you are a man with an outstanding understanding

Samuel Orumbie
I love him so much

Samuel Orumbie
That is my President

Imaji Sule
Works at Kaduna Polytechnic
“I have learnt not to look up to any man, except he is taller than I, or to look down on a fellow mortal, except I am admiring his shoes” GEJ

This quote by our former President shows his humane nature of a man. . . .He remain the best for Nigeria if not for deep rooted nature of corruption and insecurity during his time. . . In all he is a man of peace.

Tee Ade
Jonathan and shoes! First he had no shoes, now he’s admiring shoes..and where has all that gotten us?

Martins Odili
(Chief Executive Officer at Ngomarts Resources Nigeria Limited)
Tee Ade Nothing good ever comes to those who do not appreciate good. Put yourself in prayer becuase if that is the only thing you can pick out from his speech, then I pity you.
Unbreakable Destiny
Milan, Italy

Martins Odili
Good talk

Godswill Osaji
(Managing Director & CEO at OSCAR ASSOCIATES LTD)
This is simply great. The knowledge that out of the Nigrian politics such a democratic icon as Dr Godluck Ebele Jonathan is produced is a comfort that all is not lost for our dear country. His leadership philosophy is worthy of emulation. Good would always triumph over evil and his administration would be vindicated by posterity and adjudged the best democracy in Africa. Time would tell.

Joe Ejigbo
(University of Nigeria, Nsukka)
My President for life, second to none, you are simply the best, I love you, you are indeed a grate man.

Kingsley Awuka
What else can one say? The way to immortalize you is for you to be godly, lovely and human. Martin Luther King Jr was all that, so he immortalized himself. Our own GEJ can follow suit. All of us can follow suit!! Congratulations Mr. President!!!!

Ogundele Jacob Olurotimi
(Adekunle Ajasin University)
Good speech.

Adewunmi Adedeji Bello
He did not say anything spectacular.just honor and praises..

Stanley Olorunfemi Orifa
Those who think that POWER is for oppression and destruction of perceived opposition, should think twice, for with time, they shall be like the chaff blown away by the winds.
Congratulations Sir.
You remains my president.
God bless Nigeria.

Duru Cyril
(MD D.N.C Bid sagl at DNC BID sagl)
The true son of his father u re. Seeing the reality is a different thing and acknowledging it is another. Not unlike the adedeji belllo

Joshua Jerome Ndak Musa
Great man. No persecution of any kind or propaganda can destroy a man of character. I see you as a mentor, a great builder. I am still expecting more of these awards coming to you. Let those who eyes to see see and those who have ears to hear hear that a messiah was in Nigeria and Nigerians rejected him.

Joe Ejigbo
I see him the same way.

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