Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to World News on influence. Today is a very special and historic day in human existence all over the world.

It is 7th of December; a date to commemorate and celebrate the birth of a man whose life transcends human wisdom and philosophical comprehension, a date to stand in awe of an ecclesiastical prowess moving in human personage, a moment to reflect yet wondrously on the formation of an apostolic gladiator whose history and trademark of ‘never loosing any battle’ dwarfs all of human military intelligence, a date to flag our victories, successes and endless possibilities just because of this celestial spectacle whose phenomenal life is a phenomenon, bringing complexity of mental romance to archeological excavation and scientific precision, a date that kings and rulers world over couldn’t but declare reverence to a charismatic effulgence and cherubic effervescence walking with legs and body, and beyond walls and words, a date to reckon with and a day every other person wishes to be born because of the joy the world has witnessed as defined by the only true excellency Rev. Chris Oyakhilome PhD, DSc, DD.

Therefore today, joining the host of Heaven and the Church of Jesus Christ world over, right here in our virtual studio, upon the resolution of IWAB code of reference, to Celebrate the birth of this man whose life, person and inventions can not be described in human words, we hereby induct Rev. Chris Oyakhilome PhD, DSc, DD into “Influence Hallmark” as an “ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CHRISMA OF ALL TIME” . Thank you Sir for being who you are and for showing the body of Christ the true cost, value and worth of Christianity. Happy Birthday Sir, from all of us at #IWAB, we love you.

News Pitch
According to the PR executive of #IWAB-Cynthia, the Emblem of this Accolade is for public consumption/download and would make a gallant entry into ‘influence museum of hope’ soonest!

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