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Welcome to Motivation Today on influence. I am Cynthia. This episode is very special because our Host and Iconic CEO, friend, brother, hero, role model and mentor just added another year. Therefore, is a commemorative edition and we are excited to be doing this today in honour of this super man who has toed the path of making timeless difference in our generation. Ladies and gentle men, join me today as I celebrate Aquinas Cosmas in this insightful tribute. Enjoy the moment!



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Few years ago, a Legend was born. Many celebrated his arrival and he is still being celebrated.

Today, I celebrate a Man who has taken God with passion and commitment. You have set a standard for others to follow. I celebrate the greatness of God in YOU today. Eyes have not seen neither have Ears heard of the things which God has prepared for you.

I join the Host of Heaven to celebrate this special DAY with you. Welcome to another year of TRIUMPH. Nothing is more fulfilling than having a friend and a leader who motivates and pushes one to be on the right track to fulfilling God’s plan and purpose and you have been all of that to me, #TeamInfluence and thousands around the world. When it is as though Life is not smiling at us, the thought of you and your superlative values which you have seeded lavishly into us brings back that radiant smile.

At a time when the social media, internet platforms; particularly BLOGS are dangerous zones for vulnerable persons, with no hope for Godly values and inspiration, you heeded to God’s guidance and instruction to create this platform that is saddled with the vision and mandate of flying high the flag of Jesus Christ through amazing programs everyday, changing lives in different nations of the world. Thank you specially, for this work you are doing in which persons like me have now found the opportunity to make impact in lives we can’t see physically or may not even meet until Jesus comes, but yet our values can be felt in and by them. You are truly an answered prayer to this generation.

I have placed your strong Love and audacity to confront the world (challenges, storms, fear and so much more)! Thank you for being a special FRIEND, MENTOR, ROLE MODEL, INSPIRATION, MOTIVATOR AND HOPE BRINGER.

Words cannot express my profound gratitude to God for adding another year to your age this day. On this special DAY and MONTH, I wish you Long life, Prosperity, more of God’s Blessings and all the best things of Life. Best wishes from me to you. You are our RAINBOW. Happy BIRTHDAY Sir and our super star number one (1).
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