Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to Celebration Special on influence. From Cynthia, Pamela Armani, Joe Phil, Collins Morgan, Monica Nwachukwu, Deola Odu and Cleo Morris, we are excited to bring you this special broadcast to commemorate the birth of an Icon, a Legend, a Visionary CEO, a Missionary Christian, an Army of the Order of Christ, a Pen-Influence, a Vocal Spectacle-The Super Sensational Host of ‘influence’-Aquinas Cosmas.
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Graphics: Warlord Expression
Like the sunrise brings the joy of the morning, your appearance evokes hope. Your tenderness and gentleness are unspeakable. You have lighted up our world with the brightness of God’s glory upon you. In words, character, attitude and actions, you have shown us how to live and enjoy life. You have inspired us over and over to know that truly, each one of us is important and everyone of us is unique by many ways. You have demonstrated love and only true love beyond vocal prowess, and yet you do not bask yourself in arrogance. In working with you across many spheres and projects, you have only being a friend, a role model and a companion, yet you sit onboard our team.

You are a spectacle and your rise is a wonder to many, but to us, it is an expected outcome, because we know what is on the inside. The investment you make in your personality is our pride. You spare nothing when self development is the case, and for all the time and years you have spent in furnishing your being into the dynamo you are today, you are truly worth the premium. We are delighted to be associated with the man in you, And now and ever, our gratitude to God for sending you to us as a precious gift, will remain strong and unwavering. Nature poses many constraints to effective relationship, but your uncommon love, persistence, focus, determination, faith, commitment and audacity have defied the odd and turned millions of miles into a conference room. Just thinking of how that today, in reality, you have connected all of us from Australia, Asia, Europe, America and Africa, making us one big family and a superlative force to reckon with, we are in mind battle over the iconic networking wisdom God blessed you with.

Thank you for helping many to have access to true and accurate information through this platform, thank you for the sleepness nights and restless days of praying, training, researching and developing qualitative contents for all our readers across 5 continents of the world. You are the best team lead anybody can desire, the best friend many need, and the best HOST we don’t want to stay away from. You believe in us and motivate us to keep doing our bits irrespective of our limitations. Excellence, focus, success and audacity are what you have inspired us to and of certainty, brighter days are ahead.

On this day 5th of August, we are most delighted and largely happy to celebrate you our hero. Joining the rest of our family of thousands of fans and readers around the world, we congratulate you Sir as you add another fruitful year. Testimonies are what we know will be of you this month and this new year. Keep shinning our bright morning star. Happy Birthday Sir from all of Us.
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