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Welcome to Celebrity Spotlight on influence. Today, I bring you the biography of a fast rising Nigerian Entertainer, the guy who has anchored 200 weddings; ladies and gentle men, meet Mc Emmy Icon


Photo Credit: MC Emmy Icon Entertainment

Udosen Emmanuel with a brand name “MC Emmy Icon” is a stage personality extraordinaire, very creative, talented, laced and seasoned with a legendary flavor in his entertainment artistry. Beginning from a little found passion and hubby, Emmy has grown to becoming an uncommon force to reckon with in the up and coming acts category of the Nigerian Gospel entertainment industry as he continues to break into new frontiers at a tsunamic speed with his Master of Ceremony skills. Currently, he is the CEO of MC Emmy Icon Entertainment; a premium event solution company with a registered base in Lagos Nigeria.

As a graduate of Marketing, he combines his fast rising stage career and a banking profession as a Senior Credit Officer at a foreign owned micro finance bank in Nigeria-Ab Microfinance Bank. Emmy is a certified risk manager and associate member of the chartered institute of loan and risk management of Nigeria, member of institute of chartered bankers of Nigeria and member of national institute of management Nigeria.

With ever widening clientele base including MTN Nigeria, American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), NCCF, A2J Ministries Int’L, and a multifaceted master of ceremony service which covers wedding, birthday parties, cocktail/dinner, gala night, entertainment fiestas, concert, talent hunt, fashion shows, church functions, corporate receptions, conferences, carnivals and so much more, MC Emmy Icon has anchored 200 weddings, several concerts and other public functions. In 2013, this microphone wizard, talking machine of federal republic of Nigeria, and charismatic banker-MC thrilled over 3000 youths in a live audience at a prestigious gospel music concert which was gloriously stunned by some of the world renowned gospel music legends in Lagos Nigeria. He was also the popular host of the biggest ethnic concert in Ibadan in 2012 at the time-Akwa Cross Vibrant Fiesta, and also the Project Manager/associate MC of the recent models on the Island Nigeria (MOTI).

Having hosted on stage Frank Edwards, Tope Alabi, Roof Top MC, Dare Justified, Late Branama Queen-Kefee and other ‘who is who’ in the society, the Stylish ceremony vocalist who is always resplendent in his appearance and studded with characteristic ambience of glory, is currently a popular demand in his category and a phenomenon you would want to meet with

If you are looking for an MC solution with a premium package and rock solid contents, think MC Emmy Icon. Whilst you wonder at the audacious strides of this gentle man, for certainty, the Industry is about to witness yet an uncommon surge of talent and creativity laced with intellect and anointing as the Microphone orator continues to the blaze the trail on the path of success at every of his outings. Keep your fingers crossed as we promise to keep you in the know of the event profile of the fast rising entertainer, huh? Remember, your event anywhere in the world can be a lifetime news when you engage the microphone prowess ‘MC Emmy Icon’

email: emmyiconbiz@gmail.com, instagram emmy icon, facebook: McEmmyIcon, twitter @mcemmyicon, +234 (0) 8035495819

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