Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to Hilarious Time on Influence. On today’s episode, a world famous pastor; the founder and pastor of World Changers Church-Creflo Dollar was recently captured in picture as he enjoyed a playful and fun-time with his baby niece, and this was what he said which has since heated up the social media with viral comments and responses from around the world. Hmmmm! what a fun to be in the public eyes but much more exciting when it is for the kingdom purpose. Enjoy the read!

Say hello to my great-niece, Madison”.


Comments From Around the World
Tendai Moyo
Great niece Madison she is lovely

Tanya White
Hello Madison pastor creflo Dollar she’s beautiful

Travor Catdaddy Jones
Hello Angel! Blessings Madison~

Funke Mbamali
Hello great niece Madison,you are so blessed and beautiful.

Josephine Brown
Hello, Madison. I have a Granddaughter name MADISON. She is 3yrs young, what a JOY is is.

Faith Batista
Pretty Dollar Addition , Madison! 🔮📦🎂

Brenda Woody
Hello Madison. God’s blessings.

Jamie Greenwood
Hi Creflo n great niece Madison !! I love watching yur program Creflo .

Georgia Mcfarlane
Hello Madison you are blessed to be a blessing. Hi Creflo Dollar love your program

Andrea Robinson
Hello Madison. God Bless you Madison.

Patricia Cotton
I had nephew named Madison, I have a great nephew named Madison J Alexander III, AND A GREAT NIECE NAMED MADISON..REV DOLLAR. . CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW ADDITION TO YOUR FAMILY. ..GOD BLESS! !!

Sixberth Jimmy Lemnge
Waooooooo hello beautiful madison….

Yvette Akers
Hello Madison, blessings to you for years, and years ahead: Thank God that you are in the right hands♡☆♡

Eulenia Bell
Hi Madison, I’ve got a Madison also

Sabastion Seabas Thee Barbette
Great sermon today! Blessings Madison

Petrecia Kaye
Awwwww! hello Madison swetie pie: Bless you

Liz Nyiramu
Hello Madison, good to see you.

Sindy Mabona
She’s beautiful, Hello Madison

Sonia Diana Pryme
Hello there Madison! Good Bless you!

Steph Moore
Hello Madison! God bless her she is a cutie pie

Joyce Abel
Hello Madison. You are the best

Carol Hubschmitt
Hello Madison – adorable little angel….

Gina Gordon Washington
Hello Beautiful Madison Sweetie…

Tony Korang
Hello Madison… God bless you richly… It’s such a blessing to have Uncle Creflo as your Uncle.

Aleene Clark
Hi Madison , you’re a cutie pie !

Shirley Hughes
Hello Madison!!
Just adorable!!

Yvette Lewis
Hey Madison, how precious!!! Looking good Pastor Creflo Dollar!!!

Britt L Smith
She’s adorable! Hello Madison.

Josiane Jean-Louis
Hi Madison, you are blessed to have such great uncle!

Lank Murray
Hello Madison. You are beautiful.

Helga Ahouanhoun Adote
Hello Madison be under God protection

Mary Madison Johnson
Hello Madison My maiden name is Madison I have a great niece name Madison Joyce who is 2 yes old. CONGRATS on your fam newest addition

Mary Mungai
Hey Madison Dr dollar is a gold mine of the word of God he is a grace revolutionary in Jesus nane

Betty Frady
Hello Madison you are beautiful

Erica Jordan
Hello Beautiful Madison😇 God Bless You

Brenda Rosell
Hello Madison! She is adorable!

Regina James
Hi Pastor Creflo. Hi little Madison

Mike Lizzi
Hello Madison God Bless you

Robert Gadbois
Hello Madison you look so sweet.

DL Hill
Hello Madison. God bless you♡♡

Hennings Earline
What a beauty Queen!!!!! Hi Madison

Janie Schmouder
Hello Madison! Blessings and prayer for u and your family!!

Tish Ferguson
Your niece is so beautiful such a GREAT blessing

Brenda McIntire
She is adorable, hello Madison

Bruce Bell

Evarlyn Johnson
Hello madison,your so beautiful,Your blessd

Jean Pou
Hello Madison, you’re a beautiful doll, God be with you!!

Dorothy Richard
Hello there Madison
And hello to you too pastor

Debra Fay Jackson
Hello Madison …pretty little angle

Ann Singh
Hellooo Madison…God bless you

Norma Majano
God bless you beautiful Madison.

Theodora Ashok Dhakade
Hello Madison. You’re a cute Little Doll. God Bless You.

Lydia Ferreira-Barnardo
Hallo Madison, the Lord bless you!

Tina Taylor
Beautiful baby pastor dollar!! Gods lite shines around her!!

Gladys Mobley
hello Madison you are so pretty GOD Bless you.

Shoba Rani
Hello cute Madison… Stay Blessed

Martine Lamothe
Hello Madison may God bless you!

Tanya Sital
Hello madison!! That’s a nice name

Rosie Dimu
Hi Madison. I like your hair bow.

Peter Kayongo
Hello our pastor’s grate niece!!! God Bless you!!

Desire M. Otim
Aaaawwwww, a blessing right there.

Trish Van Havermaat
Hello precious angel Madison…..

Carol Green-Powell
Awwwww awesome beautiful hello Madison God Bless you all Be Bless

Angela Morgan
Hello Madison! You sure are cute!

Paula Reid
Hello angel. Blessings Madison

Christine Tapia
Pastor dollar congratulations HI little Madison

Lewis W Blankenship
My goodness, How cute, and I have a wonderful beautiful niece, Madison.

Teresa Timm
hello madison very beautiful dr dollar

Dottie Jarrett
Hello cutie ( Madison) what a blessing

Bev Hages
Hello Madison! What a sweetheart !

Thierry Matumona Kikaya
Hello litle niece Madison ! you are Cute. Thank you.

Grenita Jordan
Hello Madison!!

Regina Smith Southerland
Hello Madison……. Blessings and favor all over your life

Natasha Thorne
Hello Madison you are sooooooo beautiful

Linda Crockett
MADISON, Awwwwww! !!!!

Jana Mayfield Creel
Hello Madison! She’s adorable!

Cheryl Gregor
Hello Beautiful

Janet Lunsford Hargett
shes a little doll baby so cute!!

AdoptedbyLove Davis
Hello Madison! and to you Pastor.

Sylvia Smith
Hi Adorable Blessed Madison

Paula Jackson

Pat Cobb
Hello Little Ms. Beautiful. God Bless Madison. Pastor you look pretty comfortable holding that baby… just saying

Happie Angie
She do

Sabrina Sofavoredandblessed Finley
Aww Happie Angie..she kinda looks like YOUR GBaby …girrrrl ,i had too look again

Peggy Bozman

ProphetAngela Michelle Hunter I
Great niece; meet great uncle..‪#‎ijs‬

Demetria Deshand Williams

Catherine Lezhat
Aww…..Hi Madison

Grace Lucas
Hello Madison! Blessings

Rene Preister
Hello Bless Angel!

Christopher Edwards Sr.
Hello Madison!

Kwyn Ernest
Hi Gorgeous!!

Annette Goss
Baby Doll

Jean Mark
She is so adorable!!!!! Precious pic of you two!!

Thabani Mnyama Jr.
Is it me or does brother Creflo look like brother Mumba from this angle Patience Mnyama lol

Kizzy M Hammond
Pastor you look good holding a baby

Linda Dawson
A beauty.

M’DeVone Jones

Lydia Montalvo

LaShaun Hilton

Deborah Standley
What a doll baby

Angela Pollard Cooper
Hi Madison

Dawn Lovelace
Hello Madison!

Robin Savard
Hello Madison!

Debra Woods
Hello precious

Robin Wright
What a doll!

Leslie Smith-Brock
Too cute

Ann Goodwyn
Beautiful picture …:mrgreen:

Tay Shawna
Well hello Madison.

Kathryn Daniel
Hi Madison! So cute!!

Donna Henry
Awwwww how precious

Avis Laseter
Hello Madison

Ann Henry
She’s Beautiful

Maria Thomas
So precious.. Hello Madison

Sarah Boudreaux
Hello Madison!!!?

Connie Myers
Hello Miss Madison. You are real cutie. GOD BLESS.

Janice Whittle
Beautiful!! God Bless!!

Letha Angst

Shirley Hogan
Hi beautiful

Mary Colbert
Hello Madison Lil Ms.Precious

Bette Lighthouse Johnson
Hi sweet, Madison

Rae Cayenne Sherman
hello baby girl blessings

Rosemary Russaw-Tate

Alesia Moore Mitchell
Hello sweet Madison! She’s so CUTE!!

Joyce DeJournett
Blessings Madison!

Erick Rodriguez
Godbless her

Susan Dunn McGee
She’s so blessed to be apart of your legacy and you are blessed by her

Star Santoi

Rhonda Thompson
So precious

Doris Robinson
So cute

Mary Alexander Yon
That bow. I love it

Sheila Fortson
So cute

Tenesha Reed
She Beautiful!

Paula Elam
That’s a beautiful picture

Barbara Thompson
Awww she is adorable. God blessed on her always.

Christine Giambrone Porsch

Karen Fussner
Awwwww so beautiful!

Joecool Grant
Hello Precious!!!!

Olufunmilayo Aroso-ibitoye
Hi cutie! So gorgeous.

Kimberly Brabson
Hi Madison, awwwww!!

Mishelle Vetter
What a beautiful little angel Look at her looking at you…you can tell she loves you!

Phyllis R Crocker Jones
Hello cutie

Portia Myers
Looks like she’s in Love. And she knows she’s in good hands.

Darlene Wise
So sweet!!!

Patti Gasper
Hello Madison

Bobbe Vanags
Hey Madison! You are a doll baby, so cute!!!

LuWanda Murphy
Well hello Madison!!

Myeisha Y. Ligons
she’s a doll

Naomi Dyer
Awwww :)))

Wanda Cummings

Brit Selah

Fontella Spicer

David Switzer

Robin Sims
So Cute!!!!!

Marsha Murphy

Pamela Barnett
Adorable little girl Pastor Creflo! Blessed!

Lee Ann Miller Hill
Hello beautiful.

Brenda Eberhardt
Such a doll baby, God bless Madison.

Catherine Browder
So cute.

Cedric Odems

Christine Porter Lewis
Hello Madison. Beautiful😇💕

Debbie Reynolds

Patricia Patti Lewis Blackmon
Hi cute baby!!!!

Carla Cosey
Hi lovely madison:- )

Lenora Orr
Hello Madison!

Linda F. Sago-Cooper
Awwww she’s perfect!

Cynthia Willis-Smith
To cute

Judyann Dufresne
HELL-O MADIISON YOU ARE B-E-A-U-T-I-F-u-l !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yvette Camacho
So cute

Barbara Brown Link
She beautiful

JJ Labutski
God bless ya’s

LaVerne Day

Rosie Paul
Hello Madison

Carmen Santos
Hello little angel God bless you!

Ginger Beier
Oh how darling is she!! Just want to hug her! Doll baby

Emma Holman
Hello Madison

Barbara Bruce
Adorable! And blessed to have you in her life!

Barbara Lee
Hello Madison, Beautiful girl

Carla Westmoreland Lyons
Hello Miss. Madison! God bless you!!

Concha Crouch
Hello Beautiful

Kanina Johnson
Hello Madison, you sweetheart!…you look so beautiful~

Felicia Daniels
Who Cares!!!

Phyllis Odle-McCurley
Hi Madison, what is that your great uncle is partaking of onthe table behind you? ???

Kelly Smith
What a dolllll!

Valerie Bowley-Claudel
Beauté fun baby girl

Margaret Garcia

Dorothy Watkins Gavin
Precious !!!

Willene Bryant

Lois Poole
Hello Madison

Natily Mcdonald
Look that she is pretty god bless

Denise Ware

Claudia Greene
She’s absolutely beautiful

Patricia Erickson
she is a cutie!!

Elaine Garvin
She is a blessing to you.

Phyllis Lockett-Clowers
Pretty little thing!

Delphhine Phillip
God blessing to u little Madison

Toni BayBay Williams

Shirley Whalen
She’s gorgeous

Shelia Ann Coxie
She is precious n sassy with her bow. Lol

Bill Paden

Grace Uchenna
Hello Madison

Chrystal Teasley
Hello Madison

Julie Bruck

Anastasia Means-Dallas
Hi, Madison, you’re christening today was beautiful! Manifold blessings!

Trosey Davis Lake
Hello pretty little princess.

Sandra Clark
Hi, sweet Madison. U are blessed, little one. 😇

Terrie Smith
Hello sweetie

Teresa Labra
How beautiful

Precious Swaby
Hello. Madison.

Janis Kuhn Fallstich
Hi Miss Madison, you are adorable, may Jesus watch over you with his goodness and grace always.

Tom Hoy
Hallelujah! What a beautiful gift. She has no idea of how blessed she is to be born into a Godly family, yet! God Bless & The BEST 2 U & YOURS! PS Thank U soooo much for feeding me & planting all those seeds! Prayers & Love from St Louis.

Romona Mason
Hello great nice welcome into this mean world God has you don’t worry you have no worries Yet when they come I know God will have you in the palm of his hand.

Peggy L. Morris
Hello pretty baby. May you grow up to serve God with your whole heart.

Judy Stanback
beautiful baby girl. God bess her life

Sandra Nelson

Haydee Cordero
God bless the princess Madison.

Mary Foggie
Hello Madison

Amber Madera-Grassano
God bless!

Peace Shdy
Hello Madison

Ayanna Tennie

Annette Young

Kirstie Murray
Awwww how cute. Also many blessings to you guys.

Akosita GadekiTonga
Hellow sweatie

Evelyn Kelley
Hello Madison. Please to meet you. REDEEMED

Joyce Morgan
Hi Madison

Jerry Jefferson
Hello Precious

Kelly Madden
Aw Precious!

YvonneShalom Burton
Hello Madison

Patrick Kaiz
Hello babe

Rhonda Joy Reinert-Merritt
Hello precious angel, God bless you

Shawn Anderson

Cilicia Toney
Hello Madison!

Peg Grant
She’s a cutie! Enjoy!

Claudette Silva Young
Cutie pie!

Mary Knight
Hello Madison

Carmen Parham
God has really blessed this baby” she don’t even know who’s holding her. Amen!!!!

Gracie Welcome
Hello Beautiful !!!!!

Aloha Evans
Madison you are a yum, yum!!!!!

Gps Gps
Awwww! She is adorable with a great heritage

Judith Carter

Paris Bella
Hello gorgeous

Owa Taiwo
Hi Pretty one

Trevious Lee-Toler

Lissa Givens

Bobbie Jenkins Clark

Er Christ Manohar Barla
Cute baby…

Ella Thomas
Hello madison

Pannee Carter
Awww precious little angels

Geoge Burns

Jenise Holmes
Hello Madison

Tammy L. Floyd
Hello Madison….‪#‎blessings‬

Pam Bailey
Hi Baby Madison

Tasha Hanegraaf
so adorable Mr. Dollar

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