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Welcome to Facts and Time on Influence. Today you will be inspired by an amazing truth about one of the most amazing women of faith and a rare music phenomenon on earth Martha Munizzi. Enjoy the Read!

At age 20, Martha Munizzi became concerned about making money and so she performed at Disney. But eventually she became less concerned about making money and more concerned about serving the lord. Today Martha Munizzi has grown from that ambitious early adult to becoming a super music force to reckon with in human personage alive on planet earth. Truly, seeking the kingdom and his righteousness first as Jesus Said, is the more sure way to durable and notable success. Don’t go the way of the world, for everything you need is in Christ. With your faith in God, anything is possible. Remember, He already planned your greatness and chosen the process. so why the short cut. I leave you with this: Speed is Useless When you are on the wrong lane. I trust You have been inspired? God bless you!
Source: One Gospel

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