Dear IWAB Readers,
Welcome to Celebration on Influence. Today is fathers day and as a culture in our statement of purpose, we join the global community to celebrate our fathers, but only in line with influence code PRO. Enjoy!

Bringing a child into this world, besides other factors, is a show of sexual productivity which anybody and everybody who is sound in that context can achieve. But that doesn’t guarantee fatherhood. To give birth as a man shows that your sperm is healthy enough to fertilize the egg of a female or your wife. On the contrary, to be a father is an entirely different scenario. It entails your ability both mentally, spiritually, socially and financially to raise a child and lead that child in the purpose to which he/she is born. As Christians, our father is God; without whom we couldn’t have this day. But you see, on earth, we the church and ministry as an access to enjoy divine fatherhood in human personage which should be measured by the indices listed above on true fatherhood.

I have enjoyed care, love and compassion as a christian in ways too deep to explain because I have a true father in a man Rev. (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome PhD. I am also aware that you will or could have enjoyed same from him or other extraordinary men like him in your life journey as a christian. However, in concordance with the former, my journey has also been strengthened at different times and in different ways by some other heroes and legends of faith in this age. On this note, as the world remembers and celebrates fathers today, we are excited to induct into 2015 NFLUENCE HALL OF FAME, 8 Global Wonders of Fatherhood. These are men who are more than men. They have dared the odds, wrestled the lions, beers and dragons, emerging victorious. They have weathered the storms and confronted the boisterous winds, set the pace, humbled the intelligence of the world, made public spectacle of the devil, inspired us again and again through their timeless exploits of faith and celestial adventures. I can’t say enough about the making of these Amazons, Legends, Heroes, Icons, Ecclesiastical Landmarks, Diamonds and Apostolic Gladiators alive. But standing awe-inspired and with a rousing round of applause I celebrate my fathers, your fathers, and our heroes. I know you know them and the proof is that as you read this, go straight to the comment box of this blog and tell the world who these men are to you. They represent true fatherhood and all others who couldn’t be mentioned as at the time of this publication, not on the ground of negligence but for time and space. I would be very glad to read your sharing. I am waiting!

Happy Fathers Day to you 8 Global Wonders of Fatherhood and Everyone like you:
Rev. (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome PhD
Pastor ((Dr) Benny Hinn
Kenneth Copeland
Bishop (Dr) David Oyedepo
Pastor E.A Adeboye
Bishop TD Jakes
Creflo Dollar
Pastor (Dr) Olugbenga Olusanya
Thank you for saying yes to Jesus and for going a head to pay the prize for us. I love you all. Continue to shine! 

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