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Welcome to World News on Influence #iReport. The City of Lagos today went under intense heat of supernatural glory as avalanche of miracles rocked the Prestigious LoveWorld Convocation Arena-the venue for the much anticipated global worship and miracle communion service with Pastor Chris Oykhilome PhD.

A meeting that enjoyed an exclusive publicity, utilizing the most sophisticated global media platforms, kicked off in earnest at 4pm GMT +1 with live music ministrations from some of the global music industry best acts such as Sinach, Eben, T-Sharp and more. Though the LCA Lagos was the venue for the live audience but millions of people around the world hooked up to participate in the superlative night with the apostolic legend of Faith via several global Satellite and Terrestrial TV stations and internet/multimedia platforms.

The highpoint was when the charismatic pastor made a gallantry entry and got on the podium amidst thunderous shouts and rousing ovation from the expectant congregants. Introducing the meeting, the man of God began with specific words such as “if anyone needs a miracle tonight, don’t ask, but just receive“.

With this insight, the congregants and others around the world were rightly positioned for the business of the night which is to focus on God, worship Him and receive miracles where they needed it. Beginning the worship session ahead of the slated time to minister to the sick, Pastor Chris led the live congregation and others around the world through intense sessions of true worship and at intervals punctuated with tongues of the Spirit and other information from the Spirit. During these moments, the atmosphere was already saturated with torrents of power characteristic with the anointing that had been present in the meeting. Suddenly, like an avalanche, miracles began to flood everywhere.

As the man of God announced “there is a miracle over there” in his usual manner at such meetings, diverse diseases began to leave those who have been troubled by them in a fashion that human minds couldn’t comprehend. Cases such as Sickle Anaemia, Cancer, Fibroid, Tumor, Paralysis, Diabetes, HIV, Chronic Back Pain, Spinal Cord Injuries, Deafness, etc were healed instantly. Wheelchairs, crutches and sick beds went up spontaneously also, showing forth the greatness of God’s mighty glorious presence and power which rocked the arena. The meeting which would of certainty linger in its’ impact in the hearts of many attendees, others across the globe and the Nation of Nigeria, came to a close as the man of God led the people through the communion session.

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