Barely two days after making a gallantry appearance on our celebrity spotlight, this super woman, Idol per excellence, compendium of rare values and a top notch in the industry she plays-Monica Zunny, has given us every reason to remain on our Tab. To shock what you think you browsed in the penultimate episode, Monica Zunny has been listed and named amongst Nigerian Top 10 Executives in the Design, Printing & Publishing Industry in the world in a book which contains the bibliography of such Icons in the world published by Top Executives and Rankings in Washington DC, U.S.A. We also learnt that an “Award of Excellence, 2015″ accompanied this ranking for the Icon. Now Monica Zunny’s profile of professionalism, achievements and image are already in the book which is available worldwide on Amazon, with several copies reserved by libraries, professional groups, universities, researchers and executives around the globe. The formal notification and confirmation was forwarded to Monica Zunny this morning via Email. The question is: will there ever be an end to the surprises which this amazing woman rolls out?, Let’s keep watching as events unfold!
For confirmation, read full details of the award mail and ranking details below:

From: Elvis Krivokuca ; 
To: Monica ; 
Subject: Nigerian Top Executives 
Sent: Tue, Apr 14, 2015 11:48:45 AM 

Dear Monica,

By analyzing the Nigerian design, printing & publishing industry, then ranking executives in several categories which reflect the exemplary strength of your business network and the size of your company, we are pleased to inform you that we have ranked you in the top 10% of overall Nigerian executives.
That is why we have included you in our premier publication of the Nigerian Top Executives in the Design, Printing & Publishing Industry 2015 which is now available world-wide on Amazon (here: In this publication, you will find yourself among your esteemed peers with several key points highlighting the skills, perseverance and aspirations of the selected business leaders. Copies are already being reserved by libraries, professional groups, universities, researchers and other executives.
All nominations, including your selection and ranking are being presented to our Board, which includes top industry executives who may have the most impact upon the international business network. To highlight your success, and for your added credibility, reflecting your hard work, perseverance, and tremendous accomplishment and continued future success, our board is presenting you with the Top Executives in the design, printing & publishing industry 2015, “Award of Excellence 2015”.  A free copy of your personalized Excellence Award which can be printed in your office on High quality stock, suitable for framing, is available for you too.

I along with our board want to personally congratulate you on the fine example you are setting for your peers and your country. Please let me offer you my best personal wishes for all of your future endeavors.
Elvis Krivokuca, MBA
Copyright © 2015 The Top Executives Publications and Rankings, All rights reserved. 
exclusive selection of top executives 

Our mailing address is: 
The Top Executives Publications and Rankings
1919 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009

The book “Nigerian Top Executives in the Design, Printing & Publishing Industry” contains comprehensive biographies of the top 10% highestranked executives of Nigeria’s design, printing & publishing industry. Inclusion in the bibliography was determined according to a unique and objective criteria that consisted of a combination of total number of employees managed and visibility in international business networks. The serious academic research about business achievements makes this book a worldrenowned authority with the absolute power to honor performance and recognize excellence in the industry. As the result of a comprehensive research exercise, a number of top executives were selected for inclusion in the directory. These individuals were identified as personifying passion, courage, commitment, success, excellence and spirit. This book represents an honor of championship and recognizes the struggles endured to ascend to the top, especially by those “silent” hard working people who contributed to the advancement of their companies and to the people of Nigeria. In order to compile this work, a few million biographies were carefully analyzed. All biographies originated from public sources and were made public by the people themselves. Due to the fact that only a small fragment of Nigerian business leaders can be included in a directory of this nature, a strict selection criteria was meticulously applied and there were no exceptions. While every effort has been made to ensure the executives that have made a difference to Nigeria’s design, printing & publishing industry have been addressed, there is a distinct possibility that the list of people included in this book is not complete, as there will always be great business leaders who strictly refrain from publishing information about themselves. It is also possible that some of the data sources employed were outdated or even inaccurate. As such, while the book contains the best information that could be found in public sources at the time of the research, it remains far from perfect. The intention is to continue to publish this directory on an annual basis in order to gradually increase the quality and accuracy of the material contained within it. A large number of copies of the book will be provided to governmental institutions and public administration, universities and colleges, important associations and to media archives. Above all, as this unique book contains biographies of top Nigerian executives who hold precise positions in individual companies, it is deemed that the information will be of use to both professionals and the general public. Nigeria’s economy can be strengthened through stronger integration of key executives in certain industries. This book represents a small but significant contribution to the achievement of this objective.
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