image image #influencewithaquinas Welcome to Influence and today on our Spotlight, Our Influence is “Sinach”. Now let’s chat! Music, song writing, Lyrical artistry and symphonic creativity have never known an explosive and defining episodes as much as the era we live in now. Coming from a journey that only describes the dawn of a Legend, Sinach is an Apostolic age in the ministry of music. As a young lad, she had set her sail on this path with a clear purpose in her early found love for singing. Her evolvement into a spectacle of vocal engineering, to building a world’s foremost music dynasty erupted at her divinely orchestrated meeting with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD several years ago. Submitting to the tutelage and Service of God in Believers’ Loveworld Nation, she has journeyed graciously in many spheres enjoying first class privileges of leading the International Praise and worship team in the presidential  cadre at all events, crusades, conferences and other programs of the ministry around the world. As a multiple award winning music diva, Sinach has been inducted into some halls of fame and described by many as a foremost gospel music super star in the world and a gospel music legend of all time alive. Her concert events top the charts in ticket sales records in such category. At her live worship sessions either in concerts or at the meetings with Pastor Chris, many have experienced firsthand tangible healing miracles including instant dematerialization of cancer and the rising of the lame from their wheelchairs as a result of the intense outpouring of extraordinary power and anointing of the Holy Spirit characteristic with her ministry. As a song writer, she explains that her song writing and music composing inspirations come from the teachings, messages, the life of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD and the bible. Her hit collections include; Awesome God, I want more of you, Come Fill Our Hearts. Sinach has written over 1000 songs which are all hit tracks and still counting. Aside worldwide hit sales records, Her works also have been used all around the world as superlative ministry, media and entertainment contents making her one of the hottest “popular demand performers” in the global gospel music industry. In 2010, sinach was a leading super star artiste who performed at “Hope Haiti Concert” organized by Christ embassy to raise rescue fund for the nation of Haiti which suffered earthquake at the time. She has since then played similar role to aid the rescue and supports of the less privileged using her works including the single “What about us” which she did as a partnership role with the Christ Embassy INNER CITY MISSION for Indigent Children around the world. Sinach songs have sold worldwide on internet platforms and physical stores in volumes too difficult to evaluate at this time and her travel schedules are very massive spanning more than 5 continents including the United States of America, making her a lyrical genius and queen of music. As her ever widening global audience continued to wonder at this Iconic Figure, the news of her proposed wedding plan which first made headline on some online networks sparked off viral conversation and finally by June, 2014, Sinach tied the knot with her handsome heart-robe in a most celebrated and graced event at the international headquarter of Christ Embassy. What is Sinach up to next? Just follow us here as events unfold, for more chats! #InfluenceWithAquinas Content by: Influence Media. Copyright 2015 Posted from WordPress for Android

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